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Month: April 2013

Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?

Dear Lois, we have been reading Clark’s words on twin flames.. and wow!!!!!!!! Is all we can say it is almost a seed planted in my thoughts that changed but I just can’t grasp this in something I… Learn More (by clicking here)

Dear Lois… Patience….

Recently someone finished reading our blog she asked me to write something on patience.  So why not right?   Aren’t we all waiting for something always?  Waiting in line at the bank, waiting at the carwash, waiting in… Learn More (by clicking here)

The shift… Dear Clark I need your help with my twin flame!

Dear Clark,  I feel like I have to stay connected to you right now, you’re a lot of help to me and comforting at the moment. Anyway is it true that there’s a large number of twins meeting… Learn More (by clicking here)

How do I awaken my Twin Flame?

Hi there Clark!  I have a question, regarding to what you said there : you have written that you have to give yourself the energy that will connect u with your twin flame…! How did u give this… Learn More (by clicking here)

Attachment of Twin Flames.. The how, the why, the truth!

Where our explosion happened have spoken to us…   The answer… Twin Flames   The sum of energy combined is the equation for the result, is the separation and the reconnection of the sum this speaks of.  … Learn More (by clicking here)

How did you know Lois was the one? Twin Flame Awakening

In our connection me and Lois have suffered and suffered some more. The more we suffered in disbelief the more complex the mind made it seem that we didn’t belong to each other. Yet inside of me I… Learn More (by clicking here)

The Divine Truth… Twin flames…

Thank you to Divine Grace for asking this and it turned into a post which was to long to leave as a comment… 🙂 DivineGrace Dear Clark, Sometimes I feel others are reading my thoughts and sometimes I… Learn More (by clicking here)

Twin Flames.. The perfect storm to clear anything…

Seeking shelter from pain…   One of the most profound experiences in this existence is how we run from pain and cling to it without knowing that is exactly what we do.  I recently spoke to someone who… Learn More (by clicking here)

Your yin to your yang….

What happens to the energy when it is combined and it is not the same energy? What happens to the stream of love that you feel so deeply you always want to explode?  Well energy does this in… Learn More (by clicking here)

The mirror effect of your twin flame….

Twin Flames truths…     So many have sent us questions and even more comments about the stream of energy in this connection. This connection is not a denial of thoughts of something inside you, in fact it… Learn More (by clicking here)