Sunshine and Inspiring awards… Somehow they just go together don't they?

sunshine-award1inspiringblogawardI started blogging with a purpose last October, I at first was unsure of what it was that I wanted to say, at first I knew that something was calling to me.  Something that I was experiencing inside and knew that when I write, I always felt a sense of belong.. It connected me to others who were going through what we all go through.. Asking the question.. Am I alone inside of here?  You are no more alone, than you are without the ability to communicate outside yourself to connect to others.  Some of us take our time to write and tell stories… Others tell about life situations that keep them from knowing they are on a specific journey and need this as a place that leaves bread crumbs for others to find answers in…

These answers are inside of each of us, as we share them we change somehow, deep inside, and either heal something, or open up a pain we didn’t know was there.  We want to change the world somehow, someway with the words we share…

I was given two awards yesterday, and it is a humbling feeling to be recognized by others who share this adventure in a way that leaves you with knowing, someway you made a difference in their lives..

I wish to thank both Tales from a Sex Starved Wife and Good Time Stories for both awards given to me yesterday..  The Sunshine award and the Inspiring Blog award.

I have received a few other rewards through out this path I placed here in the form of a blog.  Yet I feel as though, I have left something here that seems to call to many who don’t know what to say to what I write.  Yet, something shifts in the words and how they are placed within me.  Even this post is no different!  🙂

There have been others who have nominated me this past few months and I would like to say that my heart was full with each one.. those that nominated me were;

My Impregnable Soul

Vironika Tugaleva


I have been in a state of being.  Which always stays now!  In this moment all of you have inspired me to be more on point with staying this way!  I don’t have the words for what it means to be told you have said, or done something that allowed me to see differently from a view that wasn’t unattainable due to being so lost in what I felt was the right thing to do.

The rules for each one of the awards are listed on these pages of those who nominated me.  I will not repeat them as I think it best to leave this trail to go back and view these bloggers who inspire, teach, as well as learn, and they share it without remorse.

I will however nominate 25 more for you all to venture to as I find I go there quite often.

I am giving both of these awards to each of these folks who reach out to us all!

I thank you for viewing each and I thank you for continuing to venture to this Daily Planet blog post in which Clark Kent the alter persona I keep with me seems to say I may be in this world but I don’t have to be of it.  We wished to share how I became a man and then a being of light in connection to my true soul’s connection.

With all my love,


The Other Side of Ugly


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Iamforchange’s Blog

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La La

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Courage Love Intensity

You all have touched me and I thank you from the depths.. There are more out there that I read most of the time I find myself just where the sun points me to!

Thank you for reading.. and for all the comments and likes…  26,000 views today.. Who knew in months it would be something others would stumble to and give me such a presence.  I was wondering though..  If you would be kind enough to have gotten this far.  Could you let me know what blog post you liked the most that I have written and why.  I appreciate it to the depths.

Truly forever here!