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At War with the past and dreading a future tips from Rocky the wonder dog!

I have been pondering the most difficult question in the universe.  Is there ever a time it is not now?  In other words will there ever be a past time that will not be now? How about will there ever be a time when now is the future?  For a long time I felt I was changing… or I was making my life right for the future… This was so far from being true or false I decided that I should let it go.  There is no such thing as future.. well let me make sure I clarify that cause some times I can run on a rant that will skip the point I am trying to make.  To speculate or think that something in the future is so far from the truth cause as I sit here now and write this in the now.  Any thoughts about tomorrow’s fortune or misfortune would be me bringing myself two things… false happiness or false pain.. In either case I would be missing this current moment that is now!  Incessantly thinking about something that I did 2 hours ago or happened to me 10 minutes ago I would be losing this moment.  Time is the paradox that keeps you from GOD or the universe inside you that is the depth of all things love!

Can you ever think of a moment that it is not now?

If not now…. when?

Isn’t that the call to this very unreal loss of now that we have?  In the now the only pain you can feel is the pain of something you are thinking that is past or future.  Pain can only feed on pain… Pain cannot feed on joy it finds it quite indigestible… the only place you find joy and happiness is in the now.. any thoughts that bring you this will bring you the opposite just as fast.

Recently I was asked why am I so happy?  I responded with cause of the now!  I didn’t have anything else for them but that.  And didn’t find a need to even explain myself.  How could I?

I was with Rocky the wonder dog this morning.. he was wagging his tail.. running about in the grass rolling over to be at one with nature.  He is always happy.. He doesn’t think about his mortality.. or his life situations.. and even greater than that.. he doesn’t wear a watch!  Why would he… time has no place in him.  That is why he forgives instantly.  He forgives and is joyful in all things.  Even in sickness!  The thing I have solved is this.  I no longer let time be a problem. Time is the killer of all things especially love!  Any problem in love revolves around time.  See if you can do this… Ask your self any question right now anything at all.. and see if it doesn’t revolve around time!  It is hard not too is it not? cause no matter what you ask it seems to question something related to time!

Beyond time is a place beyond love… can you feel it NOW?

Be timeless Be now!


8 Comments on “At War with the past and dreading a future tips from Rocky the wonder dog!

  1. Now, that I read your ,” now” moment. I liked the power.neither holds nor gets held..passes by. Sometimes, when I feel pain..I tell myself..wait for it to pass..wait..then I pass it and now I can not feel that! Am I happy :))

  2. I don’t feel Rocky could have said that any better my friend… with much love comes the energy to embrace all things to include self healing when it calls to it! Thank you for the follow and for visiting my words! 😉

  3. You are 100% correct as I have discovered this last year,wished I’d known sooner. Keep blogging in the eternal now Clark Kent!

    • And I am honored for your comment my friend.. I would love to read about your connection to the now when you write come here and link it to this one! 😉

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