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Bird of Prey

Every moment can be lost… when you are not present for it.. In your mind.. In your heart… In your soul… you can lose these moments when it comes to you and you are not trapped inside your mind.. Life… this word has no opposite. It can be said in human form that death is the ending of this journey.. this false statement was created because in human form a majority of things that are important are considered to have an opposite.  Inner peace… Inner turmoil… Happiness… Sadness…. this is not true in any form.. If this was the case.. Inner peace would be impossible.

Inner peace – This is the un-disturbed result of being in tune with being… Being.. a word that doesn’t need any definition as to do so would alter it’s true form.. However lets state this as an example.  A bird that fly’s that soars as though it is free to do so.. no destination and no point as to why it chose to fly instead of hopping or walking to and from.. True freedom of life is exposed in every moment.. This is very true to being!

Thoughts of lost connection.. thoughts of why is my life sad and non satisfying are just that… to be full of joy and inner peace comes from knowing that this is not dependent upon conditions and thoughts of the mind in it’s emotional ranting and raving.. it is known from being at one with all that is.. Passion as a relative emotion seems to be something that most either have no concept or no forward motion of.. Although this very passion that can be within rage, calmness, painful scenarios, and the most incredible kiss or love felt physical form.  This moment is engaging as eyes connect.. all things that are mind driven fall away and pure connection arises… this is extraordinary as it is intense only as a miracle of connection of souls should spawn to touch the beings intent before it.. This passion can be magical.. it can be spiritual.. it can be heart felt.. Being is merged upon itself and it can make a stronger connection that requires no mind made thought.. However things begin to change if the mind is allowed to be in that moment.. If it becomes about ego.. Ego has no place in this touching of souls.. yet it would seem that it finds it’s way in.. Let go of this thought it is not what is before you.. it is not about how, when, why, or what.. it is about being.. much like the bird before mentioned.. let being embrace this word only known as passion…

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