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Into me see… (intimacy)

  Into me see (Intimacy) Abandonment… Recently we did a video on rejection and how rejecting rejection shows up. The trigger here is how we learned to abandon ourselves when we felt we created expectations. This was flawed… Learn More (by clicking here)

What If… a message from Chaya

      What if there was a picture taken of the first love you had, perhaps the first sexual experience you had, the first sense of deep romantic love you held. You may see a cute guy… Learn More (by clicking here)

Twin Flames: Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

        Lets face it, Union is what most of us are after. Union with the Twin is a focus. How do I get there? I am so frustrated, what do I do? I am ready… Learn More (by clicking here)

Coach of the month February 2016

  Q and A with Beth our February 2016 coach of the month for Relationship Reinvented What has been your greatest challenge since starting your coaching with Relationship Reinvented? Since starting coaching with Relationship Reinvented my greatest challenge… Learn More (by clicking here)

Heart Values

“When you heart values someone you always return to them.” I heard these words the other day while watching an epic foreign drama where the main character finds success and true love against all odds. I began to… Learn More (by clicking here)

How My Life Has Changed From A Client To A Coach

Losing My Mind. Coming To My Senses. Just one year ago this month, I thought I was losing my mind. I had no doubts whatsoever. Today, I now know that I did lose my mind, but it has… Learn More (by clicking here)