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Content of the mind….

On the spiritual path, how do you view knowledge, knowing and experience?




Knowledge is content that needs to give the ego something to gravitate and stand within to feel accomplished… Knowing is the breathing of the truth it stands on it’s own and doesn’t require any sense of being to be within it. This knowing is the same as breathing you either are or you aren’t, your heart is either beating or it’s not. Your knowing is the background truth of existence it is not revered as the front love of your being your mind and it’s content are!


Experience of knowledge is a mental position to stand in that says that all history repeats itself and all history is what we can go on to keep the mental stance of knowledge to be in existence. Knowledge of way of life have shown this in cause an effect. Example we have seen acts of riots or terrorism and state that it was because someone has gone mad. This isn’t because they were living in the moment it is because they were replaying a experience over and over again in the mind. Experience is meant to be embraced and let go in the same moment it happens.. We interpret this in the mind because we are taught this from all education. There is not an education on this planet that doesn’t ask you to use your mind or power of the mind to remember things to include history and your place in it. This is a false sense of being.. It will give you the experience to resist what is in this moment.


Experience of knowing gives you the most powerful truth to love it doesn’t even need a motive to be as it is, it exist as a way to show you that you are able to interact in the world of form and still be full of the most magnificent love that is. The mind will see this and read it and absorb it and something in you shifts to say yes.. I know this place and it’s truth within it. Yet the mind says gravitating and staying in it will make you lose your sense of self. This is the engraving of the lie that you have to keep instead of seeing the resonating truth of being the most beautiful creature you are without content. The content is the thorn not the root of who you are!


Love deeply,

Lois & Clark

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