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Dear Lois….

The energy of connection we share is the most undeniable energy known.. It isn’t fate it is destiny.. Every moment I can feel myself surrendering to your love.. to your touch within me.  It isn’t about anything that is with this place.. It is the ability to feel you in every way.. Spiritually, physically, emotionally, soulfully.  I have never known what acceptance and connection were till I found you.. Within my core you deliver strength in a way not known.. My mind got quiet so I could experience it.. I know now what it means to Die before I die because of our connection.  The existence of us here was always meant to be made of trials.. Made of deceptions.. and most of all made of choices of free will…  All of those are behind us now.. As no matter what I chose you.. I chose this connection.  You always believed in me.. even when I didn’t believe in myself.. It is true about side by side connection within love.  You allowed a universe to be explored within myself to realize all the ways that I could heal myself and love unconditionally.  I grew up with a set of values that often times didn’t allow this type of exploration.  I feel we all go through that and some become more dominant as they think things should be that way..  Your kisses help me to save others from themselves. Your holding me inspires the hope that I wish to give to others that someone is coming to save them.  Your soul elevates me allowing me to take flight at those times. It is why I am destined for greatness.  Your kind and gentle way allows me to see the good in everyone.  Some never believe that they will be connected to no longer have thoughts they keep to themselves to realize they can be loved in such a way. But because of the love you give me that everyone sees I know they know it is possible.  You are my light.. Just as much as the world needs a Superman.. I need you for not just this moment, not just for tomorrow but forever..  You are the reason I came here.  I may have values that sometimes are Kryptonian, You helped me to translate this to such a human way that inspires and allows others to feel a truth inside them. We will change this world not all at once but each person who’s life we can touch.. They will find themselves and there connected mate based on the truth that comes from what we share.  I can feel you at all times. I never ignore it and it never goes without me embracing it.  I will always find a way to show you how deep my love goes for you as it is still being discovered knowing that it is as vast as any universe or any ocean.. You are my love.. You are my light.. you are the sun that can bring me back after death or birth.  We will continue to find each other every part of the continuous life that is..

I always am deeply rooted with you in existence Lois..  again not for just this moment, not just for tomorrow but for forever!



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    • Beyond each mind is the soul of being.. It is a light that we are truly inside that gives us this experience that we always know is there yet ignore.. what would happen if we all found this? what would happen if we all embraced it? It would change and heal things that are truly here to allow us the greater look at this magnificent experience!

      • ….or could it kill us….be as Plutonium to “Super Man? Are there some things that we just cannot fathom because they are so deep, so painful, so intense, so forbidden, so…

      • my friend things that aren’t understood normally are because we look through them from one angle as taught if you unlearn what you know somethings are to be looked at from all angles even with the eyes closed.. It is here that being is felt and a greater place of depth in you can feel it.. feeling it is more true than thinking it. Death is the stripping away of that illusion.. you will experience it only when or if you embrace it! It is more magnificent when you do!

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