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Entering the door to forgiveness….

Door-Knocker-Brass-LionKnock Knock….



Kind of heart…


You ever felt so restless you wondered what it was that was inside you that needed to be resolved and have no idea where to begin or how to solve the riddles of the heart?


Recently I came to a conclusion that although the healing process takes it’s place within us we often are left with a now what place inside that keeps us from ever truly celebrating that we are healing the best we can.  Even in that healing you will find that you are still seen with damaged eyes by those that witnessed your pain and your turmoil and they seem to almost make sure you know that they are still hurt by your actions and your lack of living in a way that is hurtful to others.  I get it and I understand it, it comes with the deciding factor that it will take them to watch you to see how you healed.


Subtle hints as this awakening happen often can be confusing to those that stand around you and state I know you and I know how you are..  As though the time stood still and you are never going to change because of the design they will have in their eyes of you as much of you with them.  This change is important not because it wants to take you back but because it wants you to let go of the sight you gave yourself in the first place to be that way.  This is when if you love something set it free comes into existence.


Forgiveness doesn’t come with a price it is the only thing in this world that is free, it is how you swallow the pains with it that will determine the collateral damage that is done with it as the price.  What if you didn’t have to deal with the damage of it?  What if you didn’t have to try and change everyones outlook of you?  Well this is the reason for this post.


When you become full of forgiveness you have only one true choice in that forgiveness and that is to see with the eyes that everyone around you has it to.  It is how compassionately you listen to them to see it from them and how you will react to it.  You don’t need to stir up the fight, only surrender to it.  In this way you are not causing resistance to allow the healing to begin to find an end.


Don’t worry they will test your limits in this forgiveness for they always will be able to find those buttons in you that are able to turn you from forgiving to enraged… A door bell can be changed in the inner workings of what sets you off.


When someone comes to the door and rings a door bell.. Sometimes the door bell will ring to loud, or the chime becomes annoying.. So the rewiring that I would do would be inside of the door bell itself.


If I decided that the door bell didn’t ring the way I wanted, would this be what i should do? Placing a note on the door that says Out of order will not stop someone from trying to see if it will still work..


I should realize that someone pressing that button regardless has nothing to do with me other than my attention being called to the present moment of them being at my door pushing a button that doesn’t work or works in a horrible sounding way.


The internal workings of the door bell are in place to say someone is here, wake up, or come an answer the door.. How I open the door could be my frustration of what time it is that I am being called upon, could be they didn’t see the sign that I was unavailable at the moment. It could also be that I am just irritated that the door bell is just annoying as I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. Do you see the purpose of this is setting the stage of what we see in a setting that is either already disruptive cause I hadn’t gotten around to make the sound either be something I am open to, or something I am just fed up with..


Either way it is how I answer the door under those circumstances that truly will either have them ring that bell again or come right in, or be able to determine by the looking to see if someone is home first. Then maybe calling before they come and me saying come right in and make yourself at home..


Either way it is a door of karmic energy that allows either the flow of love to come in or the flow of love to come out.. What I change in the door bell to sound like, can be inviting, or be something to fear when I answer the door…


Those that knock and don’t ring the door bell are always looking for something on the other side.. they don’t truly get the significance for the bell or what it means especially if I have changed it to a sound that is satisfying to me.


The truth of what is behind the door can be whatever I am, in that I am… If I have something behind that door that I don’t want you to know of.. I am going to be protective.. If I have something behind that door that hurts me, you won’t know it unless you are knocking and ringing the door bell without knowing I am in there and don’t like the sound of either…


Are you sure you haven’t moved into the right home for you yet.. well this is the vacant lot of new homes for you to build upon here with whatever foundation you decide to build on.. The foundation is your love, the door you make is yours.. It can be made of glass or steel.. The choice of what you want as your door bell is yours.. And which ever one you pick will be exclusive to you filled with whatever you want others to find on the other side…


Do you see how powerful this message was, in what it means to have someone Push your buttons? How do you change your door bell is on you, and your perception of what your bell should sound like!


Love deeply,



16 Comments on “Entering the door to forgiveness….

  1. One of the hardest things to do is to forgive others as well as ourselves, it takes time and looking inward as we allow ourselves to heal. We must take responsability for our part in the hurt we feel and we must let go of the anger we feel towards others that hurt us. It is called the grieving process and it cannot be candy coated, white washed or hurried and we must accept each day as a new day of continued healing and learning about ourselves as well. Just my two cents

    • Yet the longer the grieving the more you stop forgiving… Remember true forgiveness is letting go.. Not saying I won’t forget.. It is truly stating one thing in true forgiveness giving up the hope that the past could have been any different. How this is absorbed is that very thing.

      • Not true, the grieving process is just that a process and as you grieve you are forgiving a step at a time. It’s taken me two years to grieve the loss of my husband but I have forgiven him as well as myself but it has been a long road to recovery.

        • My friend when you grieve to long isn’t it a pain that is unresolved that needs you to embrace it rather than have it continue. When do you celebrate what was? What he was there was love there and it should be what gives you a smile it is what you got to experience that gave you the connection to begin with. I lost my mother 5 years ago.. I had to forgive myself and her for somethings.. I do find now I smile more than I grieve.. Cause I still want that connection to be something that is of love. I can’t bring her back to resolve any of it.. Yet I can let it be resolved in my choice to remember her love instead of her leaving. I am not sure if it is that way for you.. If not I am sure that the loss was not meant to bring you this much sadness or grieving. You are pure love how else would you have experienced it if your not.

          • In my case the loss left me with many problems to deal with which caused much anger. I have finally straightened my life out and I do think of him fondly occasionally, no longer crying everyday and I know he brought into my life what I needed and when he no longer served a “purpose” in my life and on earth he departed. This gives me comfort to know that he is gone because he had nothing left to offer me or the world, his job here was finished. I am finally ready to move on and meet someone who can share my life and appreciate all that I have to offer them.

  2. one of the most difficult thing to do but sets you free once you have done it..I think I am still working on it

        • Remember my friend hope is a day you have to set a date to… For someday is not a day of the week.. Each day find something to forgive and each day forgive from all sides of what is needed. ;). We all struggle, we all fall, but in time we do become the love we can truly feel in just letting go.

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