[accordion title=”What is the Difference between a 30 day Coaching Package and The 30 day Boot Camp Program?”]
In The 30 day Boot Camp Program WE go in and pull out the “real” you, WE get you to the root of your issues, WE go deep, real deep into you,explain how you got to where you are and why you act and react the way you do. WE peel back the layers. Boot Camp consists of the same amount of visits however there are assignments that need to be completed after every session and worksheets.
The Coaching Package is less intense and general coaching of the issues you are experiencing and YOU let us know what YOU would like to work on!
[accordion title=”Who will I be Skyping with or talking to?”]
Sherry and Lee work together and you will get both of them in your session always (Unless you request one or the other personally).
[accordion title=”I have seen the phrase Twin Flame and was looking for Relationship Coaching for my Marriage, is this coaching only for Twin Flames?”]
Lee and Sherry are living a Twin Flame Union, This very Spiritual connection they share is not very common, Relationship Reinvented was created to assist ALL relationships to include the relationship to self, Parent/Child, Romantic Relationships, Marriages and even Pre Marriage, Lee and Sherry also Offers coaching for those struggling in a Twin Flame Union, or those interested in learning more about the dynamic.
[accordion title=”Are You Guys Certified?”]
Yes. Sherry and Lee and Both Certified Life, Relationship and Business Coaches. They are also Certified Intervention Specialists and Family and Relationship Mediators.
[accordion title=”Do You Travel to do Seminars and Retreats?”]
Yes, Sherry and Lee Travel for Seminars, Retreats, Workshops and Guest Speaking (see pricing page or e mail for more information).
[accordion title=”I don’t have Skype or Face Time but I do have Google Hangout, Is That ok?”]
Absolutely, Google Hangout works just fine for us.

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  1. How can I stop my twin flame feeling his sexual relations with other partners when still separated is there anyway I can block it from my psyche?

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