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Relationship Reinvented™ has been training Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches since 2015. Some people take the course to coach others; some take it to further their own self-development in an exponential way.

The roster of Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches is growing each month as well as the countries and U.S. states where coaches reside. We’re confident that you’ll find the coach who best fits your needs.

Regardless of where you live in the world, any coach can support your process as sessions are easily facilitated remotely via Skype, Zoom, Google+, Facetime, and/or phone.

Four levels of Relationship Reinvented certifications are offered:  1. Associate (RRAC), 2. Life (RRLC), 3. Root Camp™ (RRRCC), 4. Master (RRMC).  Only those who are certified at the RRLC (Relationship Reinvented Life Coach) level and above are Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches.  Feel free to contact any of them directly; or, if you’d like a recommendation, let us know some of your specifics.

Relationship Reinvented™ Certified Coaches listing by continent, country, and state or province:

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    Alli Battaglia

    Based in Chico, CA
    Email Alli 
    to book a session

    Focus on:  Relationship, Twin Flame, Life, Spiritual, Abundance, Depression, Coaching Coaches

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    RR Master Coach

    Alli was called to coaching because of the profound impact that Relationship Reinvented had on her life. When Lee and Sherry started the coaching certification program, a huge light bulb went off for Alli who knew right away that that’s what the universe was calling her to do. Both of her parents were counselors in various areas and she has always felt naturally drawn to this area as a profession.

    Alli specializes in coaching Twin Flames as well as other soul-connected relationships. She also teaches Root Camp™ and is a certified Spiritual and Life Coach. Alli’s main focus is helping others to heal the relationship and connection that they have to themselves, as she believes this is the foundation to how we connect with all things. Alli considers herself “spiritually universal” and holds all of her clients in a safe space of unconditional love. She is a firm believer that anything is possible and am excited to help you along your journey to achieving your goals!

    Alli is a Twin Flame, and she and her twin are both professional musicians. They have been performing together since they met 8 years ago. Alli is very passionate about helping Twin Flames who are feeling called to embark upon their divine mission!

    ∞  ∞  ∞


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    Alexandra Dobigies

    Based in Denver, Colorado
    Email Alexandra to book a session
    Visit Alexandra’s website for more information
    Fluent in: English, French

    Focus on: Abuse, Business, Career, LGBT, Marital, Nutrition, Parenting, Pre-Marital,
    Public Speaking, Sexual Issues, Spiritual, Twin Flame, Wellness

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach
    RR Master Coach

    Alexandra was born to be a healer and sees as her purpose on Earth, and in this world, is to serve people. She will help you find the most powerful you! Alexandra has equipped herself with the knowledge, experience and natural healing abilities to help you experience an uplifting improvement in both your life and outlook, so that you feel more vibrant, joyful and hopeful.

    Alexandra became a certified consultant in a multitude of energy healing modalities to have a selection of techniques to choose from and mix and match for each client to help you achieve happiness and well-being.

    You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved when we apply these remarkable healing physical techniques to your spirituality. You will feel more in control of your life.

    “After we go through the process of removing accumulated ‘negative energies’ you will feel like a weight has not only been lifted from your shoulders but also your mind. Your mind will become relaxed and uncluttered, allowing you to prioritize responsibilities and handle stress much better. You will have a noticeable a sense of relief and have an overall feeling of nothing short of wonderful.”

    Essentially, we uncover and remove deep-seated beliefs that are keeping you stuck in life and are unconsciously creating problems. Once the core beliefs, which supports an issue or illness, is identified only then the healing takes place and you move forward in life at a faster pace.

    Alexandra was born and raised in Northern France and has been living in the U.S. since 2001. She performs distance healing all over the world by telephone, Skype, and email with clients in France, the U.S., U.K, Ireland, Finland, Ukraine, Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Pakistan, Morocco, Hawaii, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Columbia.

    Alexandra’s purpose is to help you create the life that you came here, on Earth, to live!

    ∞  ∞  ∞

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    Keri Porter

    Based in Bradenton, Florida
    Email Keri to book a session
    Visit Keri’s website for more information

    Focus on: Abuse, Grief, Marital, Parenting, Pre-Marital, Twin Flame

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Personal Coach

    Keri is very proud to be part of the Relationship Reinvented mission. She believes whole-heartedly in guiding individuals back to “self” in order to improve their relationships.  Keri is the founder of New Path Development Center where she offers an array of services for children and adults with special needs, including those with Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Brain Injury, and PTSD. She has worked with many families and has helped transform many lives. She decided to become a Certified Life Coach because she believed it would be another valuable service to offer through her center.

    Keri has been given many life lessons along her journey. She was in a car accident when she was eight years old and lost her father as a result. She has had two failed marriages and is the mother of two children, one with special needs.  Throughout her life, Keri has struggled with a lack of self-worth, self-love, and the fear of rejection and abandonment. She has spent most of her life seeking validation of her own worth through external things and relationships.

    It was not until her own brokenness was mirrored back to her that she realized in order to fully acquire love from others, she had to first love herself.  This led her to finding Relationship Reinvented, and so began her path towards healing.

    Keri is now an example of how being dedicated to “self” work can bring extraordinary changes to your life and your relationships.  She would be honored to support you on your own journey and help you become the best version of yourself.

    *Keri Porter has also taken part in Root Camp™ a program only offered through Relationship Reinvented. She highly recommends individuals take advantage of this amazing course in order to address their core wounds; and is happy to take you through this process.

    ∞  ∞  ∞
    Laurel Ley

    Based in Jacksonville, FL
    Email Laurel to book a session
    Visit Laurel’s website for more information
    Or, her other website

    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    ∞  ∞  ∞
    Marilyn Melendez

    Email Marilyn to book a session
    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    Fluent in: English, Spanish

    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    RR Master Coach

    Throughout her life, Marilyn has found that friends–and even relative strangers–were eager to confide their most intimate thoughts to her. She prided herself on being a caring and non-judgmental listener. Marilyn’s desire is to help others to realize their own personal worth. She wants to show others that they do not have to continue living in despair or struggle along on their own.

    As the child of divorced parents and an absent biological father, Marilyn knew heartbreak and disappointment. She grew up in a high control religious group; she learned guilt and shame. She was not new to receiving coaching and working on herself, but at a certain point, she felt emotionally stuck.

    Marilyn knew there had to be a better way of dealing with the story she kept repeating to herself.  With the help of Relationship Reinvented coaching and Root Camp, Marilyn was able to shift her perspective. Marilyn let go of old thought patterns and beliefs that were holding her back. Marilyn now stands in her truth, and she continues to work on her healing.

    Because of the significant positive changes she experienced in her own life, Marilyn knew she had to share what she had learned and help others.

    As your coach, Marilyn wants to be right there with you, encouraging you and helping you identify and release what is blocking you.

    • Are you feeling stuck at work?
    • Does it feel as if you are constantly in the same situation but with a different person?
    • Have you been heartbroken and felt that no one understood you?
    • Do you feel guilt or shame when you go against ingrained beliefs that never really resonated with you?
    • Do you experience feelings of guilt or shame when you go against ingrained beliefs that never really resonated with you?

    If you are here, you have taken the first step. The time has come for you to work on you. Let’s do it together.

    Coaching for life, relationship, work and career challenges, with a special focus on cults and high control (spiritual, religious, philosophical, political, etc.)

    ∞  ∞  ∞

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    Michele VanRysdam

    Email Michele to book a session
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

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    Kristi Rojas

    Email Kristi to book a session
    Visit Kristi’s website for more information

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    RR Master Coach

    Kristi has been on a spiritual path her entire life. The knowing that she is an unconditional being has been “fire tested” within her own Twin Flame connection.

    Spiritual intuition guides her life and her ability to help other people. Kristi values authenticity of herself and knows when other people are within their own authenticity.

    Kristi’s true calling in this life is to help other people go from a dysfunctional life to a functional life. People are taught dysfunctional patterns and behaviors as functional, and Kristi is here to revolutionize their life with them.

    Kristi believes in empowerment and will assist people in standing within their own power and truth.

    Unconditional love is truth and within our truth we find our purpose. Kristi wants to guide you through and into your truth and purpose within your life. You are your greatest investment and deserve to come into your purpose.

    ∞  ∞  ∞

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    Lisa Sutton

    Email Lisa to book a session

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    Lisa joined the Relationship Reinvented family in February 2017 and continues to expand on herself daily.  It is her strong belief that success and long-term happiness are gained through deepening one’s self-awareness. As many of us have found through our life experience, there is no one formula, no magic pill or one size fits all plan…the path inward is your unique code that unlocks all of your blockages.

    As well as being a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Lisa has experience as a businesswoman, a social worker, a healer, an author, a caregiver, a medium and a single mother.

    Lisa has experienced and worked through several challenges in her life, including sexual harassment, divorce, and the loss of a child. These events have given her an even greater sense of relatedness with and compassion for others.

    Lisa is also a “Twin Flame”, working through the lessons that her Twin Flame has come to mirror for her.  She is passionate about the Twin Flame initiative on the Earth at this time.

    As Lisa says, “I don’t want to limit the scope of who I am, who I can be or how I can assist your journey….because of this, I think of myself as a “Generalist Coach” willing to delve into whatever area or aspect of your life that you feel needs attention and presence to shift and heal.

    There is no one Coach that is for everybody, so please reach out to me if you feel that you resonate with me and my message. To everyone not felt called to me, best wishes on your journey!

    To those who do feel I am their Coach: Let’s do this!!!”

    ∞  ∞  ∞

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    Megan Meyerhoff

    Email Megan to book a session
    Visit Megan’s website for more information
    Facebook pages: PursueYouCoaching, Words From Silence

    Focus on: Marital, Parenting, Pre-Marital, Spiritual, Twin Flame

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    RR Master Coach

    Megan has always known that one of her purposes in life would be to help people see that in this universe, there is more to it than what meets the eye. That there is a natural order to our existence and it lives outside of the mind and logic. That the world is much more than black and white. This was something that she did not struggle with much until later on in life and was, for the most part, confident in her beliefs. Especially when it came to connections with others. This all changed when she connected with someone that would help her bring her closer to herself than she ever could have imagined.

    Megan started to question her long-held beliefs and she did not understand why. At the same time, (after already having gone through a series of unfortunate events prior to making this connection) the connection propelled her into her self-reflection, self-work, and awakening. She went from misery to peace. She went from living a life in the past and in the future, a life of self-rejection and self-sabotage to living in the present moment and self-acceptance.

    Megan wants to help you see how you truly treat yourself so that you can see how it is being reflected back at you in your relationships with others. She wants to help you see the lies you tell yourself on a daily basis that keep you from your true being. She wants to help you find presence and your own peace. She wants to help you find your truth and trust in your truth.

    Find your happy place.
    Let it enter your heart and fill your soul with great joy.
    Let that feeling reside within you.
    Let it be accessible whenever you please.
    Let it give you peace and shelter you from any storms that rage on the outside.
    Let that peace be your saving grace.
    Hold it in your heart and when you let it out, allow it to blanket you – keeping you warm from the cold.
    Let that peace bring you love and allow you to freely express your own love.
    Be at peace with your peace.
    Be in love with your love.
    The universe is filled with love, magic, and wonder, and each one resides within us all – waiting, willing, and wishing to be exposed.

    Email me. I am here. I am listening.

    ∞  ∞  ∞

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    New York


    Samantha Springer

    Email Samantha to book a session
    Visit Samantha’s website for more information

    Speciality in: Twin Flame Connection, Children of Twin Flame Connection/Union

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach
    RR Master Coach

    Samantha is passionate about guiding people through their own transformation journey. She has years of experience in personal development mentoring, as well as lifestyle, relationship, career, spiritual and Twin Flame connection coaching.

    Samantha has dedicated her life’s work to assisting others through their journey of re-connecting with their true selves and finding lasting success and fulfillment. Her powerful insights and ability to provide loving guidance have helped many people heal their emotional wounds, uproot their limiting mental and behavioral patterns and discover their own unique heart light.

    ∞  ∞  ∞


    Jessica Wilson

    Email Jessica to book a session
    Visit Jessica’s website for more information

    Specialty in: Relationship, Mindset

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    A lifelong humanitarian, listening and helping comes naturally. Jessica has always wanted to be there for her fellow humans, even as a child. Growing up she was going to be a hairdresser, a nun, or a psychologist. Hairdresser won because she got to play with hair all day and listen to people without going to school forever.  Win win, really!
    While Jessica loved connecting with those who came to her, there was something missing on a deeper level. Jessica wanted to help heal those who needed so badly to be healed. On a more personal and spiritual level.
    Jessica found Relationship Reinvented and became a coach. Working one on one with her mentors, Lee and Sherry, have made her realize what was before her, her whole life.  Jessica was born to heal by simply listening. By listening Jessica can show you your inner coach, the way you talk yourself up or down without even realizing it. Judgement. Abandonment. Suffering. You will be able to see your inner reflections.
    ∞  ∞  ∞

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    Carol Davic

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Email Carol to book a session

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    Hello and welcome to the bio of Carol Davic, Certified Master Life Coach, PA Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher.

    Our day-to-day lives are complicated and many of us are yearning to create a simpler life of joy, peace, and serenity into our lives.

    Carol Davic’s philosophy gets back to basics. With her experience in not only her vast array of qualifications, she also leads her coaching sessions from the heart of her own journey to help you heal your core wounds.

    Her lengthy spiritual journey has seen her through healing her sexual trauma, PTSD, drug addiction, the grief of losing both her parents and surgeries.

    Meeting her Twin Flame in 2011 brought to light her passion and her purpose in life through self-mastery. The coaching sessions Carol leads are her way of contributing her gifts to the world and helping heal one soul at a time.

    ∞  ∞  ∞


    Cheryl Clark

    Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Email Cheryl to book a session
    Visit Cheryl’s website for more information

    Focus on: Spiritual, Inner Child, Abuse, Parenting, Relationships, Twin Flame, Wellness

    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    Cheryl’s holistic approach to Inner Child Healing encompasses mind, body, and spirit. She brings all of the wisdom and tools she has gathered along the way on her lifelong healing journey from childhood abuse to her coaching, with the goal of holding space for you and offering guidance and tools to facilitate your healing journey.

    Cheryl brings her Twin Flame journey experience to her coaching as well.

    Cheryl first came to Relationship Reinvented as a Root Camp client. She is a Certified Personal Coach, who is currently completing her Root Camp and Master Coach certifications. Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She also holds the following credentials in the alternative medicine field: Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Aromatherapist, Astrology, Quantum Touch, and Reiki.

    Cheryl believes that the first step in healing is to bring our wounds into awareness. Are you ready to take that first step?

    ∞  ∞  ∞ 

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