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How deep is your love? does it point to here?

When the Gods from beyond the universe created the universes to cover the space.. That was there intention on creating something that we call life… The strange part is how did they determine what should be made.. what should be life.. what should it come from.. well.. When you give it this much to really feel….. you realize that something more magical had to happen.. how man and women were created what brought this about.. what took this and made life something more than it was supposed to be… well… God talked to all the angels and took the glow of energy that was inside them and some who were actually connected at a deeper level and created all that we know as life.. interesting as though what we call soul mates came from this very place.. the same energy that was connected was placed inside of us; Actually not placed but already there from the very first part of life when we took air in and out for the very first time.. and somewhere on this planet souls wander aimlessly trying to find that very thing… mind you it isn’t what you think is your soul mate.. this term used so lightly that it doesn’t make much sense as to say you are looking, wanting, needing your soul mate.. The actual thing about this is your soul mate is connected directly to you.. no matter if you ever meet in the physical sense.. you are connected by the bounds of the same energy that created the universes.. A heart felt feeling that really is the reason that you can smile.. you can cry.. you can be angry.. you can feel all that they can feel.. it is not the same as feeling something physically… it is something more than that.. how do you find this within you to realize you don’t need to search for something that you carry with every bit of life you have.. How do you know if you will ever find this?  you look inside you.. answers come when you are true to yourself and you are true to all that which created the human heart… That same respect should be given if you are ever fortunate enough to find that which has never been lost.. Tragic that we keep making choices to be with those that never touch our hearts enough to understand this level of beyond love feeling that is supposed to be above the earth to bring us life.. we wait.. we drown.. we let our thoughts invade us to take us away from that very place that brings us peace.. that brings us beyond love..  What matters most to us is not who will win the election.. how we are going to die.. or how we are going to get bills paid.. but something more about what love we should have within our lives.. If you live alone.. or with your kids… or even if you are having a rough time in your marriage.. be honest with what you have inside you.. that speaks volumes to the soul.. and it also speaks volumes to the soul mate that you carry within you!  Be true to thyself and thyself shows you the truth.. God’s place of heaven is in each of us.. so let Go.. and Let God…

3 Comments on “How deep is your love? does it point to here?

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I teared upon reading this line “be honest with what you have inside you.. that speaks volumes to the soul.. and it also speaks volumes to the soul mate that you carry within you!” I hear you and I hear these words. The seeking for peace is the honesty within myself and I wonder when and how long will it take me to truthfully face it.

    • Time is never the issue the mind makes it about how long where the soul says I am ready to take over when you let go of time…

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