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How to awaken to the truth!

whatdoyouseeIs suffering necessary or something to be liberated from?

All suffering isn’t necessary yet it seems to be defined with how much thought you give to a life situation that keeps you from releasing what keeps you in suffering. It is a mental landscape by design that when free of it, you no longer have the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual harm that it allows you to alter any of these traits. It will keep you from faith, keep you from any truth, and keep you from yourself.

The loss that presumes is completely time based.. You will make time and your reality your enemy, you will not like where you are, what you are experiencing, and you will create a paradox that says something is coming or something has happened to you and keeps on happening to you. This identity in ego keeps it’s need to be completely right about the suffering with a need to be wrong about everything else making you right in the process.

You will only break free when the suffering seems to subside, this is where it always seems to be in the background subsiding. The truth is that it is the illusion of pain endured itself. It comes to you to make sure you completely know it’s content is there for the taking of your being. You will know this by the statements in you that are a complaint in some way. I am alone is a suffering statement used to justify the feeling of abandonment. Here is where the statement is false. The I am in alone. This is how a lie becomes your truth. Suffering is available for free it is free enough to imprison you inside of yourself. Break free of this and seek the truth. All suffering is the evasion of all truth. How else does it feed?

Do you believe you should never put too much trust in friends?

Always give that trust to yourself. If you are unable to trust yourself realize that you are already limited to the amount of trust you can give to them. It all is about your ability to be direct with what is within you that can ask for permission and to ask for forgiveness. A deep understanding of both gives you that trust in yourself that you can give to your friends. If you are the friend that can trust completely and can give compassionate listening, you will find the connection to trust not so much in what they say but what they don’t say about the connection itself.

friend: Humans are never flawless, so trust always carries the risk of great disappointment, no matter whom you choose to confide in. But I believe that it’s still worth it. Of course, life teaches us to choose close friends very carefully… That lesson is pretty much on everyone’s agenda, I think?

Clark: Can caution and trust be intertwined? And what can be taught that will not limit trust? I guess the example of this could be, my father left when I was 5.. I never saw him again yet every male I have had in my life thereafter I expect to leave me, so where and how do I break the trust in this? Could I teach myself and what do I do with the feeling of abandonment? Do you see how that trust is not about the other but more about myself?

I will have this place in me that I abandoned myself making everyone around me responsible for it, as I didn’t heal this or even know that there was something I could do to alter this in healing. I even can’t see the abandonment that I have done to myself because of this feeling of loss inside of me. I will trust that you will abandon me at some point not because I am unable to trust you, but because I was shown to trust something that was outside of me, trusting that you will leave. I can’t even see that I have myself and that I can trust myself to not leave you no matter what. This stream of trust is almost directly related with mind dominance. How do you unlearn to learn to trust? The flawlessness inside the human existence runs from the truth.. It has no reason to trust, cause it doesn’t trust itself cause it seeks a truth that is evading.. The truth is you can never abandon yourself and yet you can’t see this cause you are still devastated in the place of loss.

Trust has a purpose in being directed back inside you, without it inside your being seen in both light and dark you will not know which to stand within, that is the greater disappointment that lurks.. Wonderfully stated, yet is this what you meant?

Since human’s are meant to be alone, Why are we designed for the opposite? Or is it a glitch in the operating system?

How do you address the shadow side of your personality?

Being aware of the egoic identity’s that have been victimized, angered, hurt, destroyed, haunted, etc… All are obvious that can be within the light of self awareness. As a being of light all dark spots are able to be identified with the following types of statements…

I am going to do this to you, before you do it to me, I know your going to hurt me everyone else does, I am not able to be loved, I trust you as far as I can see you…

These are examples of how the darkness decides ones identity or purpose during times of being unconscious. None of this is you.. You can stumble and find deeper resonating purpose by being devoured into the darkness for it doesn’t have a light there because it doesn’t see all the angles of why it is..

It takes choice to know you have this light to be something greater. Even if the darkness succeeds it’s all purpose is to show you the light, it will not try and break free for it is inside your foundation breaking the ground of you to show you your root.

Here is something to ponder within… Things that bother you, or people that do certain things, some of it is related to not understanding, not so much that it irritates it is something within that says I am not able to understand how your thought process works.. Then there is something else..  The place inside that is undiscovered.. This place that I am speaking of has a growth potential unmatched in the known universe inside you..

This place I speak of, well..  I suppose I can say it this way… Do you remember getting in trouble for something that you did that was fun when you did it, yet the aftermath made it seem that you were a bad person, you were punished, you were talked down to, or even just placed in solitary of some kind…

Well what happens to that energy over time my friend?  what can that type of thought process become when stifled with no release?  You can almost feel the darkness from what if or what does!   Just either remembering or thinking about it brings darkness.

When you don’t get to express yourself or you are hurt in some way and now are left up to the imagination that we love and grow in our children for centuries…  You have to see how the darkness finds space to be..  We forget how powerful this influence is.

We don’t look into the eyes of children as we should cause of what wasn’t given to us… and simply say…. speak.. and listen to the compassionate place they can speak from.. we all suffer from this release some will become more isolated some will become even more disconnected you can see the magnitude of this space in pain that we all run from.. The darkness almost keeps a shadow of what it is based on what was..  How do you come from this darkness into the light.. You embrace the very thing I am saying here.. Compassion!  😉

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    • We see things in others that truthfully is how we see ourselves… An example of this could be that we seek someone to complete us when deep inside we are complete.. With all our pains with all our successes… We are complete.. We are the light! This scenario, this thought process brings in energy the same very thing you want but don’t want, need but don’t need. How does this translate inside? That is always where it points!

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