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I tried to see the peace in this.. I failed….

cklookI recently read on Iamforchange’s Blog the saddest yet tragic places of the mind that still are very present because we fail to wake up to those that feel they are above the laws of the human code of life. These types of acts although directly in this particular blog post are about the evil that men do, who have power.  What is power?  Power is the inflated concept of which has no understanding of what love is or can be inside the soul.  This corrupted fingerprint of this soul is dark in nature. It devours and calls to the most tragic of being that one can reach.

You can’t imagine this type of mindset unless subjected to the ways of the darkest forms of thought can go.  It has always been about thought it is taught and shown… don’t get it wrong.  The ability to remove or destroy ones body parts in a way that you would treat an insect, a spider who’s legs are pulled apart to see how the spider would get around.  This form of human is not to be acceptable to anyone who would encounter.  I am not even sure the purpose of what this nature would be as my consciousness doesn’t allow for me to see the good or bad of what this continues to do.

If you can ever see yourself taking someone’s existence or parts that were created on them to be of them.  You deliberately have no concept of god, and no concept of being.

Countless wars have been had due to this type of power. They see very little lack for existence and little lack for self preservation.  They have failed the connectedness we are all granted and instill generation after generation that this behavior is acceptable.

I wanted to take some time to really feel what has been going on in the dark places of this planet. The darker the meditation to see it the further from the light I was drawn.   Eradicating this from this existence seems to still be optional.  I feel a sense of responsibility as a writer and spirituality teacher to speak of this as it is not something to be taken lightly.

I know it would seem this happens in other countries yet I can only imagine it happens here as well. What goes on in the dark stays in the dark till light is shining on it. Those that are above human laws need to realize the pain of this by being under that light by make do what light does best.  Eliminate any dark spaces in it.. I am stating this lightly yet with full sense of responsibility and consciousness yet it has a reason to no longer be something that shouldn’t be. We have to see this… It can’t be hidden!

If you think you have pain in your life.. this maybe something you never could imagine going through.. yet across this planet this happens.. I am not weighing ones pain.. I am clearly pointing to the tragic places we seldom here about and realize the pain inflicted that has no end result for those that get to continue.

I feel everything.. to feel this…. I yes.. I Clark Kent.. just don’t have the words…

The most important post I can share please stand up and do the right thing

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4 Comments on “I tried to see the peace in this.. I failed….

  1. My friend the love is very great and I thank you, you have expressed very beautifully and heartfelt the sentiment that will bring a positive to this negative even if it is shared from the heart with love the light and love of creation can not help but hear our pleas Thank you my friend for sharing your love with us all and especially those that must live with the horrors of those evil deeds. Love shared and my sincerest gratitude. With love your humble friend, Joe

    • Joe, I thank you for the love… That was very uncomfortable to meditate through to feel, to embrace. I felt what this does to someone. I haven’t felt quite right since. Sending love right back… Ck

      • I felt it as well and that is why the post… My heart cries for those and I send my love as do you to the farthest and deepest dark places where they are in such pain. I like you am without words just silent reverent tears of sorrow filled with my compassionate love. Thank you you are truly as superman!

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