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ImageI know the mind is a very powerful thing. It keeps us from flowing and keeps us playing every scenario over and over.  This told me something. It told me you still have that fight in you.  I found long ago by letting go of the mind and it’s need to play out what is going to happen you will miss the lessons concealed at the moment it happens and not be able to say the right things to change everything that you could have thought about.  It is sticky and it is something that always keeps control.  It feels familiar I feel it when I worry about how this is going to get fixed or that is going to release. I know worry and I know how the mind can try to self implode on trying to show scenarios on what will happen if I do this or that.

This negative energy gives us a negative result. It never will give us the positive outcome until you let go of worry and the scenarios that will either destroy us or give us what we call to in the negative form played through from the mind.  Do you understand that?  The brain wave patterns can be changed in meditation.  The brain wave patterns of being able to hear the other musical notes inside the mind can be heard if you just let go and allow your energy of trusting everything to fall into place.  I have done that and it seems that at times all seems lost then all of the sudden something changes. I am allowed to be free. I am in sync with all that is supposed to come to me. I am not fighting anything as I surrender to whatever notes will be played.

I have felt the musical notes of crying in the dark as each tears fall it is as though the have light inside of them to be released. You can’t think this away.  You ever noticed that when you cry you see mental images in the mind of the very pain that causes the tears to come.  Sometimes it is a voice stated out loud to tell you the pain to bring it more alive where even this would be false.  I realize that when the end seems to be coming something else seems to hide behind it in the shadows making it seem as though it is a joke to be played on me.  Nothing real ever died.. Then the mind gets quiet cause it never knows how to respond to the voice that is there that comes from the I am in me.  It knows only the truth it knows only the knowing that connects us to all things.  I can it states… I can release this cause I am.. I know that some read what I write and they hear that voice in them.  The voice that knows that all living things are alive with the purpose of animating causes of connection.  They breathe this in and out as to move.  How do we wake from being disconnected cause we have thoughts that keep us disconnected. Some see this as a place to design labels of others by placing them as the place that has pain in the middle.  You can’t run from what you can’t see coming to you.

You can’t hide from what has all the light to shine to keep you out of the darkness. You surrender and realize this light is in place to open your eyes.  You open them wide to see everything you are and everything you aren’t.  I have heard the words I don’t know how to hurt you more times then I can say what they are.  If you can state it you can embrace it you sure as hell can give it.  When you no longer chose to know what hurt is inside yourself by self infliction you no longer will hurt anyone outside of you. It doesn’t need a statement it needs your commitment inside of knowing.  Surrender to this state of being. Surrender to the places in you that know this is the path to all things that are of love.

Love is the light in your eyes that can see compassion in everything in every way!  I know what this means, I know that it doesn’t require me to explain love outside myself for what I emit inside will touch even without a physical state to or state in a mental capacity to give to anything it so desires.  We have made love such a mental capacity yet we let it truly elude us because we can make statements that try and obtain the true place inside of itself.  I know this from what I have been through. I know this from not just failing to achieve it’s purpose but because it wasn’t a purpose at all. I wheeled it’s energy as though I knew what it was because of the content we as humans gave it. You inside yourself know the love you possess inside you if you don’t you missed it’s place of being. You will embrace it and know it to be shared in everything. Some will emit a vibrational frequency that will either strike cords inside you to play a song.  Some songs are stronger than others.  Yet if you are fortunate enough to find it you will emit a stronger pulse that will play the same cords inside as others.  This song will not look for anything in place of it. Rather it will play something so sincere it knows that it is the same and will allow the true effects to be the song heard before you arrive in this form. Yes I speak of the places outside of birth and death. The cord of the ancient. Ancient used here is a word that speaks from the depths of what the mind can’t state cause it only knows of it’s existence yet it has never experienced it.  No material places of the mind come to state what it is or what it is used for.

You can be at this place by choice.  Knowing you are more, feeling you are there. Not in thought but in euphoric dimensions that are placed inside of knowing.  The more silent the more you emit the song of love that strikes the cords of existence inside you.  You will no longer see illusion of this place you see the life that surrounds you in being.  Love deeply as though you know it to be true.  I can’t point to where it is inside of you. Only you can!  Yet to be at one with this you now know the love you share with everyone else. It will matter not what race you are or the race your in.  It will not matter alien or human you understand it’s purpose inside of itself.  Emit this to when you feel it, not by words but by actions.

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