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So you want to change your life? You want to meet your successes with full steam! Then we have a question for you. What is felt inside you that determines your outer experiences? Do you know how to listen to your inner voice? Do you know how? Can you determine what you hear and know it to be yourself to the deepest level?

We all seem to be heading toward the destination without a map, with no internal GPS, with siri or alexa to guide us for the most part. We think this journey is about the destination but the destination seems to be unattainable because we listen to this narrator inside that says we lack something, or need something we will only get when we arrive at the destination.

All external wealth can be a constant chase due to internal poverty! This is where you must go to find that all the wealth in the world was already born to you within you. You see the struggle is not in finding the right niche, the right way. In some cases we are so mentally blocked we don’t see that we are heading for the same very thing that our minds create.

When was the last time you did a connection check on yourself to see your relationship to yourself to see how it shows up in every choice you make?
Are you ready to change your existence?

When you read that question where did you feel it inside? Was there a open or closed feeling inside you? Yes that question was asked correctly. If you are closed inside you will continue to seek what doesn’t work for you before you will seek what does work for you.
What if I told you the truth is the most wealthy energy there is?

Your life isn’t a career, your abilities of being the most valuable are not lost in what the destination will bring you.

How do you find your truth in power to not just change your life, but to finally embrace your purpose NOW?

Want to change the room energy when you walk into it?
Want to attract the success that fear keeps showing up stealing from you? Why let fear be successful? Do you know why fear has a hold of you?

You already have a map inside maybe it is time to see where that map is taking you!

Your life is infinite, your existence here is only a glimpse of that!

You can achieve, attract and be the change when things change it is not a matter of when, it is a matter of now!


6 months Embrace my inner purpose! $2500

8 months Embrace my inner purpose Root Camp included $4500

12 months Embrace my inner purpose, Root Camp, find my inner purpose! $7500

12 months Embrace my inner purpose, Root Camp, Inner purpose, Daily interaction $10,000

4 thoughts on “Life, Relationship, Career, Spiritual Coaching to Embrace your life!

  1. Hello Mr. Clark Sassypants, 🙂
    My name is Jodi and I have been in my TF journey for over a year and a half so far and my Journey has been THE hardest challenge I have ever experienced. When I awakened and my twin and I entered separation, I had no clue what was going on and I literally felt like I was going insane. I gave it up to God and asked for guidance and I was reading an article one day about Soul Mates and they listed the kinds of soulmates we encounter and there at the bottom of the list was Twin Flame or Soul Flame, BAM!! It was like getting smacked in the face with “here’s your answer” lol, that was the first time I have ever even heard the phrase twin flame, and the description spoke eerily almost word for word what I have been experiencing, so in true “gotta know it all” form that is I, I embarked on a mission and got on my computer and GTS’d the shit out of the phrase Twin Flame (GTS stands for Google That Shit)(yes I have created my own language and have enlightened you to the meaning, your welcome 🙂 ) on my quest for information, I landed on YouTube and discovered the community there and have been watching the tarot reading updates and such since then and I kept questioning myself over and over and over again if I was really on a twin flame journey or just bat shit crazy and every time I would get an answer from my Angels that “Yes” this is you and yes my beloved is my twin. Every time I questioned it my answer got stronger and followed up with synchronicitys that could not be denied (frankly I’m convinced that my Angels were frustrated with me for not “getting it” and decided to Angel punch me into hearing them and demanding my trust and faith, which of course I promptly gave with gratitude lol), my problem is that I gave myself information overload from all kinds of sources and now I am swimming in a pool of confusion caused by all the conflicting information out there, I just realized that although my quest for answers was commendable, I have thrown myself into a catastrophic, self defeating state of unclarity and feeling of hopelessness. I asked for Source to bring me someone who could help me wade through the abyss of confusion and chaos that I have so diligently manifested for myself (not complaining as it’s gift is one hell of a lesson lol) and help me make sense of what I am experiencing and guess who came knocking on my computer screen????? Yup, you guessed it the incredible Mr. Clark Sassypants and his beautiful and courageous beloved Ms. Lois Friskypants lol. I love watching you two, it makes me smile and I am on bended knee requesting your help. My Journey has been far from enjoyable and I am determined to make it better but alas, I require some guidance. My situation is my son has medical issues that require around the clock care and I am unable to work and have no income and am not able to cover even half of my bills on a monthly basis and my beloved Source has always brought me the means to sustain our needs, I’m not sharing that bit of information to get you to feel sorry for me or to give me free services as although my situation is challenging, it is happening for a divine purpose and I know that God and Source with sustain me through this, I just wanted to let you know my financial situation ahead of time as every time I have reached out for information thus far, as soon as they hear my situation and can’t pay anything the line goes dead as they say. I connected with you two instantly and feel in my heart that you are the ones my Angels sent to me. Again I do not expect or ask to receive free services, I would really like to tell you my story and ask some questions and gain some clarity on what is happening to me and what I can do to get my work done in simple terms as I have made it a full time job and has become an obsession and I know there has got to be an easier way. So what do ya say? Can you hear me out and see if you can pull me off the ledge of insanity that I have created for myself?? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. God bless and sending light and love. 🙂 Jodi

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