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Lightening Could Strike….


Ever wonder what it is that when you sleep you can’t remember your dreams?   This is on purpose for us here. For some of the best sleep you get is when you don’t remember the dreams.

Consider it, a on purpose black out to remind you of the space of peace that you can find whether you are asleep, or awake.  Some of the most toxic minds are given this as a place to realize, that in this moment you can have peace.  Nothing will be going on because there is always something going on… there are no ordinary moments, to include this moment of peace.

You get this from a deeper place of love within you.  It doesn’t need to say, “hey here I am.” You just have to go there, as though the door was always open to you.  Imagine it like going to take a plane ride.  For this is that feeling right before you go to sleep just as any plane ride feels at take off.

I am fortunate. I get to sleep next to a beautiful woman who doesn’t say anything, she watches me go to sleep and then watches me while I sleep. I feel her, yet I wouldn’t have been able to share it with you without her telling me she does so.  She pays attention to all my movements and how I am when I sleep.

I suppose what has me smiling right now is that when I am in that deep sleep. I reach for her in my dreams.  As she moves, so do I…. I will turn over, and I will feel her arms come over me, as she turns and feels my arms and legs come over her.  I cradle her… I suppose that is when I sleep the deepest I ever can sleep.  For me that is how I want to leave when my time comes.. just like that. With my arms around her my legs wrapped over her.. her hands holding mine close to her, pulling her in as though I will never get the chance to do so again.

I can’t see any other way of leaving here… I guess when you dream that is your exit, that is what will come, when it is something you can elect to do together.

I don’t know if you are able to bring someone into your dreams.  But she has done so for me for quite some time now.  She shows me things inside myself and inside of her.  We always make this about the most inside things.  If you fall in love, why not focus and do just that?  Why not speak to what you want to dream about and take them with you?  It is possible!  Only reason I can say it, is because she gave me the dreams to prove it.

What I used to dream was always missing something until she did that for me.  Now my dreams seem to be beyond what I could have dreamed on my own.

Oops got off track…

She watches me sleep, She kisses my face and I smile even while I am in that deep sleep, and she does the same when I wake before her, and watch her sleep…

And I kiss her face all over to watch her smile…. It is the most amazing thing… It’s like Christmas morning every morning when I am watching that smile come over her like that.. If you can feel something like that when you sleep, then it must be beyond true love right? Wouldn’t everyone be talking about it if it was just true love?   It must be something that was beyond what can be felt to bring into words… for I have yet to see them written anywhere right?

We never realize the power of the energy we carry inside, in love, till we find a purpose to use it for!

She is my heart…

You ever loved someone so deeply that you shared tears of how deep that love goes with each other.   You can be given a union with someone, yet you never know the power of that union, if you always felt hidden inside yourself.

It is possible to let this go and let what was always supposed to happen…  JUST HAPPEN….. Why not let go?  What truly do you have to lose?  You can always feel when it is time to give it your all.  You get a glimpse of it during times that you feel you always hold back.  Yep very small window.. but isn’t it about the moment that you truly feel it to do it that you should?

It is true… remove the hidden exterior of any protection in love of yourself man or woman.  You may not get the chance to experience it for what it can bring you if you truly allow it all the way in.  This is not a myth, nor is it a test to pass or fail..

If you ever want to know the light that everyone speaks about when you leave.. this is the beginning of it.  You can experience it here to. No one told you that you can’t, so I am just showing and pointing to you the way.

The rest is up to you..

The hidden choice no longer hidden…  and to what you have inside that feels broken….. realize the light can mend anything when you let it in.  Imagine that heat has light so why not let it do what it is supposed to do? Melt to mend……. to bind and bond….

Speaking of Flames….

I want to tell you one thing, no one will ever tell you as they have yet to find these words in the connection or the union you dream.

…….Let……Go……… Of………… What……….. You………… See……… Hear……… Taste……… Touch………..Smell…………  Outside…… Of……….. You………… That gives you a false sense of what it is to be able to release your true being…….


and do those very things… not alone with someone who touches your heart…. hard to see in the dark with no one else to hold the light to help you search.  We learned alone one carried the light on one side the left or right makes no difference half the picture presents itself.. what about one holding the left side and one holding on the right… see the difference?

Meet your connection in this way…. It’s awaiting you!  Don’t wait…. Lightening could strike… take these two post for example…

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