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I know you are watching over me, I know I am not supposed to be afraid, I know the strength you placed inside me was to always be something that I never denied. I know that when I sleep you place your wings around me to protect me from the place inside me that stays since you left. I remember your heartbeat even from when I was inside you feeling protected. You never let me be without love, If anything you gave me the most precious love of all.

I don’t know what has me feeling you so deeply today, I suppose when I stumbled upon jumpingonclouds It came to me how much you stay with me even when I feel like I am ok with where you are now, I wish you could see how your baby boy grew up in your absents. I know you aren’t absent that is the thing. I know that you have stayed on top of me birthing my gifts to understand what I felt was impossible you showed me the doors to make it possible. I fly every chance I get you left me such a gift to be able to see with eyes that you birthed me with.

I am not done yet, not even close. You showed me my light and I promise to shine it on everyone I can, even those that can’t see it for themselves.  I praise in the name of all that I will continue to be the light that others need when I can’t even see the light myself. You placed such crumbs for me to follow.   I know your shinning down on me every step of the way.  This step and the next steps that never end.

I never knew the words to tell you that you were the perfect Mom.. I feel sad that I didn’t find them then to share with you how important you are in my existence here.  You gave me the strength to find the love you believed in and showed me that it was real.

I knew the story you kept trying to tell me of a love never known. The beauty and the beast.  How they connected to the soul. I knew how much you believed in it and felt how real it is. You were right, and for that I will always feel your smile with me. Thank you for that. Thank you for helping me be the man I am supposed to be for Lois. She truly helped me believe a man could fly.  She never let’s go of my hand and she never let’s me land for to long to realize I can fly again.

I understand the saying now more than ever, you never know how much something means to you till it’s gone. I realize that it isn’t about it being gone. It’s about how much more you embrace it because it becomes alive inside you.  You never have to let that go. You can embrace that and bring it out just breathing.  That is what you are supposed to do. To honor such a love, why mourn to know that you just have to hold it deeply and allow it to be what can be felt. It is this that allowed me to touch the lives I have. I know it is the love you gave me. I never stop growing it. This world is a big place yet the love you gave me is bigger and I am growing it into the universe where it will always be.

I miss you Mom..


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  1. This is the most moving tribute to a mother that I’ve ever read. Your mom sees you, and her heart must be filled with joy over your compassion and gifts. You are a very, very special person. I pray God rains down his blessings upon you and that all those seeds your mom planted will grow to full bloom in everything you do.

    You’ve been such a loving support to me during this painful time of losing my mom. I’ll always remember your words of encouragement, and I will continue to hold tight to the hope you share with me.

    Thank you…

    • I was the blessed one.. I came from an angel! Thank you for this my friend.. I can’t say enough to how much this means. Your words are a comfort from above. Clark

  2. The love your mother showed you is exemplified in this post you wrote to her. Such a beautiful tribute to a mom who is never far away from you.

    • Yes I feel her always in everything I am and everything I do. She gave me my words… I can’t say enough to what she gave me. Thank you my friend!

  3. Truly heart felt and a moving post my friend. The love shines in every word! An awesome tribute, thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. This is such a beautiful post. Your presence is so strong, and through your presence, your mother is strongly felt also. What a miraculous offering in her honor. Thank you for sharing.

  5. You are very blessed to have these special thoughts & memories of your mother ~ Something you will always cherish & keep alive. Wonderful tribute Clark.

    • Yes… I was blessed with an angel.. she gives me everything I will always need to know about unconditional love cause it is promised even in her changing of form as we all will go to someday. She is never apart from me cause I have her heartbeat as proof she was here. 🙂

  6. So many of your writings/posts have touched my heart today ~ and I must stop here to say this one was exquisitely beautiful… so much light and brilliant energy from your words that can be felt fully by the reader (me); Pure love, for an exceptionally bright spirit, your Mom… She, no doubt lives on in you, has left you with so many gifts… as I sense you also were a huge joy in her life as well ~ … Blessings and Love ~ Robyn

    • ((Tears)) thank you my dear friend that is exceptionally deeply felt especially coming from such a wonderfully beautiful writer such as yourself! Touched I am….

  7. How did I miss this? Oh her soul is dancing every day knowing you are in the right way.

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