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No one could hear your screams… Until Now….

What kind of man or woman do you wish to be?  If this question is now echoing in you with no response.. Then congrats you have found something in you that has depth.. For those who didn’t hear it echo.. Realize you have way to much mind noise going on to realize you have a place of echoes within you!  No one has ever tried to explain this place to you cause not many have have reached this place to tell you about what it is as there is no narrator at the place you have entered..  Those things that echo this place that continues and seems to be never ending is the place where your soul starts and being is found.  Both have a significant amount of energy to direct you to all things,  How deep you can love, what you wanted to do when you came here!  This is not the end of all things it is the beginning of something much more glorious to experience.  Each emotion is something you will experience, some will be deeper than others, the more painful the more joy you should experience. In other words if you have experienced a great deal of pain your whole life you can find it’s opposite in this place that I am pointing to within you now!  It is a place of bliss that is not made up of hope, made up of belief!  This is made up of those things without having anyone teach it to you or explain what it is!  We continue to form in congregation to worship something outside of ourselves.. What if we worshipped in this form in unity inside ourselves in this same very place I am pointing to within you!  The female experience already points inside cause of giving birth.. Yet a man experiences this during the conception experience and as powerful as this feeling is makes it mindless and not able to understand this is a creation experience.  It is muddled down to the word sex, or gratification of self.. Not realizing the deeper meaning of this feeling cause it has been so surface to not realize the energy that is combined in this experience.  We can change this.. we can change everything.  After all it is a choice!  I have always been pointed to writing, not because I am good at it, but because I am self taught no school, no place of learning to do this.  Just a set of words that continually seem to be getting etched inside the walls of the place of being that I can read back to you!  I don’t have any real reason to be here other than realizing this vessel that I am in has a residual image that can allow something greater to come through in my writing.  I have been reading alot lately blogs of pain, blogs of sorrow, blogs of confusion, blogs of memories, blogs of things that range in such different ways..  We all have to spend time just placing something down inside of us for others to relate to, some have spoken on here and never had a comment, which left them alone, left them without.. yet a release of being heard has happened.  Before this we had to utilize speaking to each other.  Writing in a journal, newspaper or letter.  No one voice ever shadows what we come from until now.  I have that voice and am here to help you find the one that is inside you that has that same very message.  I hope this finds you inspired.. I hope this finds you hearing those echoes more closely now.. It is a place of experience that is continually undiscovered because no one asked you to speak from it until now.. So please share what you wish, comment from deep within.. don’t feel alone anymore you are safe, you are here, you are now!

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    • I chose this name because of the alien who was hiding behind it, He only wanted to save us from ourselves in some cases, and in others he was able to write in a newspaper that spoke truths to those that needed answers they couldn’t hear inside of themselves. He was alien in his ways even though he wrote in our language he spoke from a place that was truth and gave hope!

  1. I surrender beyond my mind and do so easily the only way to answer is YES… I am the I am in I think therefore I am… And then something else but nothing that allows me to stay deeply rooted within myself…

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