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Twin Unions…. What we do is not help you run from the pain but go directly into it. Most say that they have healed pain or have found a way to control or tolerate their pain what if the way into keeping pain into a constant state of healing allows you to put love in the center of your pain and show you the truth about what that pain was meant to birth in this world. Not only will you do this for your own pain but we can show you the way to do this for others. Our coaching which is done from both man and woman will appeal to you in a way because we are all made up of both energies. Once ignited in you both energies in you are powerful and beautiful with no more judgement. We can only see this when we see what patterns we inherited that created our beliefs. This coaching breaks into addiction, self judgement, the ability to seek someone else’s problems to try and tend to cause we don’t even see our own. What if there was a deeper way into love in this way. One that you learn to coach yourself from to heal not just yourself but the generational pains of your family tree. Every moment you can rebirth, you can do so in a way that you will see your thoughts from your feelings and how you have labeled these feelings and may have even misinterpreted them and kept you from what you have always been destined to do in this world. Love unconditionally! You are that miraculous being that has wealth of beauty inside that can finally be embraced with the greater intelligence in you that knows you are always on path to greatness. If this is what you seek to place love inside of pain not just in yourself but in others, then find us! It is what we are here to do and multiply to change the world.
How did this feel to you? If you felt this message we are looking for you! Find us!


3 thoughts on “Our Story in Video!

  1. Hi !
    Thank you for your amazing site and sharing your story. I have been experiencing my Twin Flame connection for officially a year this week. I have never felt such a thing before nor even imagined it could exist. So I’ve spent the last year of my life swinging from wonderment to passion to ego confusion. My heart and soul tell me everything is ok and as it should be, I know he’s always with me, I feel him and hear him yet we’re separated and out of contact for several months.
    My life will never be the same now I know him. He’s running and probably not awake, I know, but this love is wholly unconditional, he is doing what he needs to do and maybe it will take a lifetime but I’ll never feel anything but love and good will for him anyway, what else can I do? He’s inside me forever.
    It’s comforting to see you two beautiful souls talk about your connection and experience together. I hope to have a chance to talk with you both directly sometime and wish you so well. Big Love xxoo Psyche

  2. Yes!!! This is just so incredibly relatable for me. I have said so many times that I hate the connection, it’s impossible to ignore, it’s overwhelming most of the time. All of the reasons Sherry listed in the beginning of the video echo my thoughts, I am so looking forward to working with you both 😉


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