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Personal Coaching Sessions with Lee and Sherry Patterson

Watch the recordings and ask questions

New March 2017 Twin Flames: Cycles of Development 6 classes last one a Q and A with Lee and Sherry

Connection Reflection Class Part 1
Connection Reflection Class Part 2
Connection Reflection Class Part 3
25.00 per class

After you have watched ask 3 questions in which we will respond

Individual Coaching Sessions: $250.00 – $200.00 – 60 mins (Phone) or (In Person) or (Skype, Face Time, Zoom with record feature)

Monthly Coaching Package: $1000.00 – $800.00 – 4 – 60 minute sessions

2 Months of Coaching: $2000.00 – $1,600 8 – 60 minute sessions

6 Months of Coaching: $6,000.00 – $4800.00 (Our Most Popular Package)

Couples Coaching with Lee and Sherry Patterson

Couples Coaching Sessions: $350.00 – 250.00 – 60 min (phone) or (In person) or (Skype, FaceTime or Zoom with record feature)


6 Months of Couples Coaching: $5,500 for 24 sessions most popular

*Larger Packages are available upon Request
**Payment Plans Available!
***Personalized Packages Available!
Vary from $20 – $75 per webinar.
Public Speaking engagement
$500 – $4,500
Depending on Location (International Engagements not included in those prices, we will travel over seas, however fee will need to be negotiated).
Public Appearances
E-mail for pricing and information.
E-mail for pricing and information.
Prices Vary according to location.

Our Certified Coaches Prices 

Individualized Personal Coaching:


Contact The Coach of your choice personally for their Pricing info!


Introducing Root Camp

This is our signature program to fix Connections of all kinds!  Inner Child,  Family wounds, and Soul Connections!


Individual Root Camp with Lee and Sherry 8 sessions $1,000 go in deep to see the connection within you!



Root Camp for Couples with Lee and Sherry please email


Intense repair our love Couple or Couples Retreat 3 days 2 nights with Lee and Sherry at their home in Ohio, all meals and lodging included! Please inquire!


Intense self love Single or Singles Retreat 3 days 2 nights with Lee and Sherry at their home in Ohio, all meals and lodging included!  Please inquire!



New 90 day Rebirth my life for men and women coming soon.. Ask for details!  will include daily interactions with Lee and Sherry found here!
Available Anytime – Payment plans available


If unsure about about which kind of session or package is ideal for your needs and wants… Inquire about our free 30 minute session to determine what will be best!


Love Deeply, Lee and Sherry

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*All information exchanged between any client and coach at Relationship Reinvented is held in the strictest of confidentiality. Confidentiality is high priority to us! The terms of this agreement are applicable towards the duration of any and all paid sessions, and services may be terminated by either the client or Relationship Reinvented at any time.

Services paid for but not rendered are refundable excluding *Root Camp, Coach Training, *Coaches Certification *6 month Healing program * 12 month Healing Program. *Deep Healing Series * Twin Flame Coaching and seminars, workshops or Retreats. (seminars, workshops, or retreats cancelled by us or postponed will be refunded or tickets transferred)

* All materials used by Relationship Reinvented LLC in Root Camp and Healing Series and Coaching sessions and Coaches Certification are copy write protected and are not to be used without permission.

*Regular sessions and Root camp Sessions are 45 mins

*By making payment you agree to the terms and conditions above.

Payment Plans Available on Root Camp and Monthly Coaching Packages!

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I am looking to schedule an appointment possibly for a couples session and an individual session. I am also interested in your root camp as well. Please let me know when you may have availability to discuss!

    Thank you so much.

    Erin Faulkner

  2. Hi all,
    I’m interested in some coaching sessions but not sure which one is best. I see there is a free 30 eval type if thing and I think that’s a good way to figure it out.
    Thank you for all you do!

  3. Hi guys

    Let me know when is good to book onto root camp it will be a month from now that I can start.

    Look forward to working .


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