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door-opening-to-bright-lightMorally superior to reality…


How does this begin, when your sense of self is against your reality.. The events that happen, the reason you feel alone, or someone wronged you in some way.  The feeling is as it is, yet your thoughts about it need to be right against your suffering.  How does your sense of self become so radically out of sync with what is?  Do you see this as I am stating it to you.  If I can’t complain about this reality your sense of self feels less or feels attacked.  You become morally superior to your reality as a sense of your suffering.


Recently I was sent an email with the regards to mind tricks and how it is a further way to manipulate ones thoughts or capacity for a sense of self that felt threatened by what was being said.  This suffering is the infected state of being that is a need to be right, or be wrong, and be right about being wrong.  How do you face this moment is not an objection I can win on.  Any thought that will still accept that you are against reality and your place within it.  This has infected this world for as long as time had to be in place for us to derive our sense of self based on this very thinking.


How do you blame another for your sense of well being about being in love is not another’s sense of responsibility for how you interpret love in the truth of love itself.


Your sense of being right that you are miserable is a truth only you can accept.  When you don’t accept this you change by a shift in you to decide that something more is possible.  How you see yourself outside yourself can be changed by directional thinking from inside you.  NO one has the right to change this, only you..  It is not simple and it is not without struggling or suffering.


Know that the suffering is also a continuous thought based nature that we teach ourselves in the lesson of suffering.  How do you break any chains without knowing this one truth deep inside you.  There you have it!


You are love not because it is something you can say inside you but because the Prana of what is surrounds you regardless.  Do you feel it for yourself?  Do you see it because I do.. I was sent here to remind you that it is always going on even when you are lost in thinking.


The moral superior to your reality is to realize the thoughts of what you think is your existence are more profound then a thought process… Now that you know this and hear it inside yourself.  Who do you want to share this with?




keyHow does pain help someone’s spiritual growth, since it does the opposite of that for most people?


True pain has the ability to birth you into not just the conscious state but through great pains whether physical or emotional are the arriving in that pain to see it for what it truly is from all sides to include the joy that arises in its absorption.. This is Beautiful..


This beautiful is more attuned to a woman than a man not to say a man can’t experience it for a man has the ability to rebirth from the same amount of generated great pain from what the mind can do and no connection inside of himself..


For what produces you into this existence is a woman and the emotional and physical experience of existing to create existence. What is more beautiful than the pain of that birth… As the pains are seldom tolerable, so is the incessant pains that come with it.


Yet the first glimpse of what this pain produces comes through when you are laid on your mother’s belly and the cord becomes cut to break you free.. The elated feeling of joy consumes the mother as this pain is released from a push that pulls when you are broken free.


This is no different then the feeling that is experienced when you break free of pain whether psychological, emotional, or physical this experience in release is an awakening into joy.. Joy is the state of being that comes from falling in love with the pain that you absorb as a tree would do a very violent storm, it weathers through still will generate oxygen for you to breathe even if it does;t make it through the storm it will have a family still here to do so..


Pain is the birth in you that is not you as you abandon yourself at all cost to avoid this pain. It will only keep closed inside you to come out in other ways.. Denial is the pressure of pain as other pains mix so does the ability to contain an overflowing sense of being. The being in you wants to birth, however the mind made you does not.. For you will be destroyed or your sense of self will be placed in jeopardy because the mind will say it is..


No mother in the world will tell you that’s true, cause of the pain that was experienced in bringing you into the world.. If pain was looked at in this way peace would flourish..



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