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Repeat after me 98%…..





98% of all thoughts are repetitive!

There I said it for you!

It is known through out our existence that inside of us the thought process is 98 percent repetitive!

You will anxiously reject this statement cause the mind is not allowed to make you aware of this fact!

Your based on ego created dominance will deny it but because of this need to explain it to set you free!

Disagreeing is not what I am pointing to in this moment, I am pointing to what you do when you resist the now! I am going to allow you that for this moment and this moment only. If by the end of this you are not in agreement you will not like this post on purpose. You see it is part of the collective conditioning to have thoughts that are repetitive and a psychological need to play the moments if the past over and over again whether 20 minutes ago or 15 years ago etc.

The more knowledge based mind situations that you gain the more the repetitive thought to keep you from your existence. You can read or study to become a teacher which is different you are using the mind correctly. Yet, What I am saying is the life situations you have define what you have experienced and by design you will defend your knowledge based on this very small space of the overall picture. If you sum this up, this means we have a very small capacity to absorb love in the form of this moment and this moment only. You ignore the size of the universe inside yourself and the capacity of the mind’s capability to absorb even more.

We will miss the opportunities based on the thoughts in the mind that keep us trapped to it. The past will give future details of what you will want in your life. Your mind will never allow itself to be conditioned differently because of the things you have experienced and the things you are lost within. To include a projecting future time as well!


This mind structure can be broken by simple consciousness. Yes I said it simple… If you keep saying inside yourself about what you want to change about yourself then let go of the mind dominance that keeps you lost in the same thoughts you keep about everything, You see that was within your life and what will be in your life in the future. You are missing the present moment and are missing the easy ability to become more of yourself by letting go of the ego created self which was created in thought of a past and a projection of a future you will live entirely in your mind keeping you from the true love of connection you deserve NOW!

Again 98% of all thinking is repetitive thoughts you have about your past or what is coming in the future based on past results, your reality created the you that is reading this. If you are clear and free, you are nothing in this moment and can feel the energy that requires no thought and how beautiful you are within to interact with all that is before you. You will think about things that happened to you yesterday, last week, your childhood. You derive your sense of self based on thoughts and some emotional responses based on what happened to you!

This illusion keeps you from your true being. You create a self based on this problematic scenario that is keeping you from the true place in love and your stance on all things that keeps you from yourself in form. This place I speak of doesn’t require that you have more, or are wealthy, or have more knowledge than others. It is not ego based in any form for you to be more than another or less than another. It is the moments of truth in this moment!


Here is something to do, think about something you can’t make a choice on! You have it? Ok! Now why have you not made a decision yet? Is the moment passed or is the moment now when you can truly make a choice. Ok, if you say it is not that easy. Tell me why without giving me a story about something that was or something that is projected because you haven’t made the choice to know the outcome. How much love are you preventing from coming to you? How about that job that will take you further can you project that as well? What about the idea to save the world that you haven’t started yet? Or that your kids will go to college because of choices you make can you project that as well?


Oh it is not that easy! Can you hear your mind telling you this? Oh well, your mind wants you to believe that this statement is true in every form. What if you realized that this kept you from being free and freeing others. You see what you trap inside your thought process you trap in the real world! It creates your perception and your reality based on figures made up of the sum of your past experiences to project a future. Hmmmmmm…

What kind of life do you what to have? If you fail to make a decision because something is warning you are you sure you are giving it the value of the present moment first? or second? or not at all? I know you will be surrounded by pain forever, for eternity right if you make a choice? Wasn’t the world supposed to come to an end yesterday? 12/21/12 ??????

If you look at this from all angles in the mind you will find a way to complain maybe not right away. Or maybe right now, Yeah you say it’s easy… but….. See that is the mind and it’s habit formed thought pattern that has been conditioned to never enable you to see outside your thoughts and be clearly in a place of no mind to find your smile, to feel your love. If you are suffering, it is the thoughts you keep. Those thoughts create emotion! Those emotions keep you in bondage from self, true self with no thought created ego to keep you from waking up to the present moment!

Did you see the sun today, did you smile when it came through? When you looked at your kids today did a smile come over you or did your say something mind driven to help them miss the moment with you. This suffering has to stop. It isn’t something you have to think about… remember this one thing. All of the thoughts you have are repetitive 98 percent of the time.

Wouldn’t your mind be better useful to you using it then it using you?


18 Comments on “Repeat after me 98%…..

  1. wow.. right you are.. most thoughts one has are repetitive.. and most of the time when you are having a thought that you have already had before it feels like de javu! 🙂

  2. We make our FUTURE plans based on PAST experiences, we collect data and put into our life equations, make assumptions what if this what if that? Then come out with ‘projected’ outcome! Business owners, accountants, engineers, researchers, everyone does that! And we apply this into our life equation! Living in the past and projecting the future! What about NOW like what mentioned in this post? How much do we miss the PRESENT? Living in the past is living in fear, living in the future is living in uncertainty! Everything happens for a reason and just embrace and enjoy the ride! Great post Clark!

  3. If our thoughts are 98% repetitive, then it is even more important to have positive thoughts. Affirmations work that way, thank you for this post!

  4. So true…each moment requires our undivided attention for us to deeply feel the love and connection around us 🙂

      • I would say I interact with the moment only when I pull myself out of the pattern of the “thinking rush”, which draws focus on what needs to be done next or what has just happened. Living in the past or the future, even by seconds, takes away from the now. By noticing the moment and letting go of my own repetitive thoughts, I have been able to see past merely existing and began to finally start living. That realization is the foundation for confidence to move forward with my new venture =).

  5. I have to admit that was intoxicating to read and even more if you absorb the true meaning of what you said. The seduction of the past and the future in moments keep us from the true place of… notice I will not give any word to the place after it. For it takes it and makes it what it’s not. I thank you for that. I still feel the vibrations from it as it is still being said NOW! 🙂

    • That is true compliment coming from a person who recognizes the trappings of the mind and its barriers to the achievement of being, such as yourself. Thank you! And thank you for the follow =). P.S. love the attention to not filling in another’s “blanks”

  6. I think you just summed up my entire book I am reading called: “A New Earth: Awakening to life’s purpose” Eckhart Tolle
    We are what’s hoping us back from our true potential in life, we must realize in those ‘egoic’ moments and train ourselves to think beyond the ego, to become the true ‘being’ we were all meant to be.
    Love your post, especially love this one…love love love!
    Sending shining love to you today…

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