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Space to wake up….


Have you ever experienced being able to say anything to anyone and know they are listening to you and have no interjections about what you are saying or why you are even stating it?  How about the dreams you have that sometimes seem outrageous, the experience of flying or doing things in your dreams that only you can feel are real… It almost seems silly to share this with someone who won’t laugh, ridicule or make what you feel less in some way.

I am not sure when this happened to us, or why it happened but something more profound is how do we experience this and not share this with those we love.  We make the mistake of not trusting what we feel inside and ask them to listen to us without making a comment or making us feel wrong for sharing.  The mind will do this and not think twice about saying something inside that says I will not share this for it will leave me empty or leave me without in some way.

I recently found that sometimes no matter how you reach out into this world it can sometimes leave you questioning if you said or did the right thing to speak to someone in such a way.  Energy that comes inside you to speak has its permissions to do so, whether someone wants to hear what you have to say can be left entirely up to something outside you that has no control over what you say or what you do.

We wait our entire existence wishing for, wanting, needing someone to hear this inside of us and we almost fall apart saying inside it will never happen or take defense of what was said.  How this echoes inside you leaves much to be desired.  You don’t want this echo, nor did you understand how you placed it there to begin with.  As a child I wanted to be someone to somebody, I didn’t understand any proper way to do this. I picked doing things that were either regular or irregular to the person I wanted to project this into. I felt it was always the right way to be.  I don’t remember giving myself enough attention to hear what I was saying inside my mind because my mind always seemed to be going with what this meant to whoever I was trying to give this to.

The center of attention in me needed this, not the center of me as a being but the ego in me needed to be right or wrong about whatever it was that was going on inside me. The darkness of this as you can feel as you would experience it within yourself.  This has done many things in our world to include how we approach this existence or that experience.  It never truly gives us what we thought it would in some way.  How do you let go of this and realize that with all love you will be vulnerable to what that love can give you.. No matter how you approach with love it will show you the side of vulnerability and the side of being invulnerable to you as a form in being.

The greater equation of how you take something, that someone says or does always will place you in the state of acceptance or non acceptance, even if they are saying so out of love. It is when they become silent that you have nothing but noise the mind makes that makes you second guess their love or yours.

Break this cycle it isn’t that we all seek answers.. We all seek new ways to ask the questions that someone may know the answers to.  These answers inside of us are going to be right about everything.. Even if we are right about being wrong we are still right..  This is the possible disconnection between how you express the love inside you or how you keep the love from finding you.

I don’t want to ever see someone without any form of love within them… This is not how we are supposed to be in this existence.. We fear this as a fear we will never get passed.  Yet we are all standing at the door together looking inside, wondering how big is the space that we can love within?  We all have this astronaut effect in the space of love..

Love as though you can’t stand keeping it locked inside no more.. for it is the only gateway between what you will experience inside yourself and place deeply within another when you find that same vibrational frequency of love..  Find the deeper places in you to find the undiscovered space you have yet to experience.

I love all the messages you all make, every comment brings something to light that is in that space.  This isn’t about what we make right and make everything else wrong it is the sides of love we all share yet some have different views of it to make it all the space that we all wish to discover.

loveatallNo one ever said love was limited…  No one ever will….


3 Comments on “Space to wake up….

    • Truly it is… No matter what stream you reside in…it is all relative to being in love inside yourself….;) thank you my friend…

  1. Such beautiful wisdom. Here is to living it now and more and more each and every time we fly. -x.M

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