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Suffering from …

Suffering from something? Humanity is destined to go beyond suffering, but not in the way the ego thinks. One of the ego’s many erroneous assumptions, one of its many deluded thoughts is “I should not have to suffer. “That thought itself lies at the root of suffering. Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness (the awakening) and the burning up of the ego. The man on the cross is an archetypal image. He is every man and every woman. As long as you resist suffering, it is a slow process because the resistance creates more ego to burn up. When you accept suffering, however, there is an acceleration of that process which is brought about by the fact that you suffer consciously. You can accept suffering for yourself, or you can accept it for someone else, such as your child or parent. In the midst of conscious suffering, there is already the transmutation. The fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness. The ego says, “I shouldn’t have to suffer,” and that thought makes you suffer so much more. It is a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it.

Powerful way to wake up to anything is to accept all things to include the present moment. Holding on has given you what you feel in this moment not yesterday or tomorrow. Just this one moment!

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  1. I’ve noticed that, with a lot of meditation, it becomes easier to tolerate suffering. Used to be that I couldn’t even watch the news, but suddenly, it doesn’t haunt like it used to. Interesting.

    • The present moment is and will always be your savior and your reason for being.. It is where you are most beautiful in any form. It will never betray you or your reason of love within you! 🙂

  2. accepting the “isness” of a situation is the only sensible recourse. I learned that through spiritual tapes, and it’s a constant (and worthy) struggle. I love this post, Clark!!

  3. Hello and what a lovely write.. I came via Iamforchange’s blog..
    Our experience is based around suffering, for without the Darkness/Bad in the world we would not know the Light/good.. Energy is energy we have choices and choose which to give our energy to.. We can either be positive or negative… We need both .. But what we do need is balance…And balance is needed now in our world and we need to start and live from our hearts to address the balance to respect and honour each other as equals..

    • Yes… Well said! The word (and Lesson) of Balance is the best thing anyone can tell themselves regarding any issue, thoughts, or action. Thoughts turn into decisions, decisions into actions, actions turn into destiny. It is NOT a matter of avoiding pain, it’s a matter of knowing you Love yourself and your decisions through the pain. As their will be an end and you (we) will emerge stronger due to the “Blessing” of the pain.

      • You are not an end my friend. As your love is never ending your infinite and the pain is a reminder of this threshold! 😉

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