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Suffering is the greatest spiritual teacher……

tears_from_eyes_wallpaper-t2If Love is an energy you try to obtain then wouldn’t suffering be the teacher in place that keeps it eluding you? How does love experience teaching you anything other than how what you can love, can also show you it’s opposite or even find a pathway to show you other things? The constant flow of love is always there even in suffering. Actually how do you suffer without love?

Love is a very beautiful, profoundly deep, presence within you! It is the shape of your soul that pushes the bounds of your soul to a limitless capacity and the universe that brings you the truth.

If this truth is something you fight or something you see as thoughts that keep you from it, isn’t this going to cause you suffering? How did you learn what suffering is? You learned it when you thought love was not present in you or coming to you from someone else. Isn’t this how you find the path back to yourself all the while causing a rift in what should be seamless to get to be without the thoughts consuming you from it.

Suffering also has an energy field this energy field will cause the presence of someone who is very strongly emotionally charged to cause others to lock up, or feel the constant battle of suffering within the intimidator or the calling to their own suffering. Not holding yourself back in emotional pain or emotional bliss can be a struggle for anyone who can see the other in suffering it’s the keys to suffering. Even if it doesn’t seem like it to the person who is emotionally charged and doesn’t see this dominant act a form of suffering, that allows others to experience. How much love would suffering keep from this person if they surrendered to the suffering to allow it to teach the stardust of the soul which is spirit?

All beginnings have an end and all ends have a beginning, suffering is a pathway to those beginnings and endings, it is how you learn the suffering that gives you the release to see something greater than a set pattern or cycle, that states this is just who I am.. When who I am is suffering!

Humans who are reaching a point where they become capable of breaking out of inherited collective mind-patterns that have kept humans in bondage to suffering for eons are finding a deeper path to love than ever before!


Maybe the suffering needs acceptance in order to go beyond it? When you say I can choose not to suffer is the same as saying I will contain suffering, it doesn’t remove it does it? Every little suffering big or small leaves a residue in you.. What happens to the residue?

Here think of a time you were in suffering and see if a familiar response the body will feel in that doesn’t seem to say yes I am still here.

Notice the familiar thought consumed a portion of your now and then realize this is how this suffering stayed longer than it should. Not because you called to the thoughts about suffering but that it still left something in you to be ignited should something similar happen again it will be there as the trust you lost in yourself from not letting it go sooner!

Suffering isn’t a servant it serves a purpose as a teacher to show you a absence to love you were not offering to yourself!

2 Comments on “Suffering is the greatest spiritual teacher……

  1. Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie (two amazing people whose books I couldn’t live without) both agree that we all create our own suffering. None of us WANT to suffer, who would? But because we can only see the negative side of the situation, and that we are caught up in wanting the situation to be different than it really is (our imagined reality vs actual reality), we are blocking ourselves from being able to accept what actually is. The situation is what it is, and it is up to us to accept it, learn from it, try to find something positive in it and move on. Suffering is indeed a teacher – it tells us when we are not living in the present, when we are not paying attention to the reality going on around us, when we are trying to make the world conform to how we think it should be.

    • Without acceptance of this how could anything not be felt more fully.. to accept suffering, to truly surrender to what it is and what your thoughts on it bring you.. Isn’t it just more of the suffering itself? If you could see suffering as a person inside you controlling your experience would you welcome it or ask the person to leave? Do you see this contrast as these teachers opened many doors this door is how you see this person deep inside you to say that is not who I am.. I will be who I am not! 🙂 thank you for the response my friend!

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