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Surrender to who you are not.. knock knock someone's at the door….

The deep love we have inside of us… it calls to something… something unattainable to the way we live throughout our lives… it is what most only see as a place that you dream from… but it is reality if you let your heart open up and accept it as truth. Nothing you will do… nothing you will say… nothing you can hope can bring this into someone without it purposefully being there in the first place. It has been said that when you place a log in a fire that is already burning brightly it will catch fire.. Well I am here to tell you that sometimes certain logs will not catch fire.. Or they will but you have to keep flipping the log around and around until it finds its way to catch fire. I can share with you one thing… when thousands die or millions die within a month.. Or even a year.. They have a chance to send the winds in one direction that can either let you move forward, backward or find stillness… in this stillness is the way we were meant to love.. Not from the mind of you but something else… when you no longer feel the need to understand you are deeper inside of yourself.. You no longer need to ask do I love myself… You will not settle for less than you deserve.. No longer so you settle for less than you are. You realize that you are not only love unconditional you are something else. You give something of yourself that is what most would think is a dream state.. You are the dream.. You are the butterfly that forever flaps it’s wings only to land on the most beautiful flower… when you find that flower… you stay there.. You stay there for the sense of smell… for the sense of feeling.. For the sense of love that surrounds you for moments that have no time… I have found myself.. You will then say I have connected and I realize that I can’t go and change anything about me that was past… and to change the future I have to embrace the now! The now is all you ever have… even in loss of love… even in the dreams you wish to have.. The only way they become real is to allow you to surrender to it.. Surrender to what you ask? Everything… to include pain, loneliness, passion, desire, hate, regret, and self-destruction. When you do.. You allow it to heal… and when it heals…. Well I will say this… the rainbow of all that was programmed in you dissolves. When it dissolves something else emerges. That something else is more powerful than the place you thought you would be… we all get the chance to be the caterpillar, who turns into a beautiful butterfly… but what if I told you that by surrendering to the Now you can actually turn from the butterfly to something else… and that is something without words I can’t share with you… why? Because to find this in you.. You have to look inside!

6 Comments on “Surrender to who you are not.. knock knock someone's at the door….

  1. You are such a wonderful writer. Your words capture me. I can relate to many things in this article and will be sharing it with friends and family. Thank you

    • Thank you my friend… It is only in me with no mind noise that I can come from such a place.. I enjoy your blog as well! let it flow my friend… let it flow!

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