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The gift of the Human Spirit!




We are not without compassion of LIFE, there I said it, without so much as a word I try not to use it to much because I feel the idea of this word is lost in what I am trying to reach within my writing.  This word to me is symbolic of the same word as forever.  Your LIFE is inside of energy. Inside of energy is the human spirit. It may not always have this form of being human.  The spirit part of this is LIFE.  One door to another door to another.  It sustains itself as a continuous line the word LIFE.  Some of the most beautiful moments you experience in LIFE are when you remove time from it. You can look at something, touch something, hear something, taste something a you will feel the essence of what I am trying to obtain in words here.  The now is the only time you experience LIFE not as a beginning or end but something else within the human spirit.  The soul that wheels this experience has it’s own light that will stay even long after you remove the place of driving the human body you are sustaining.


You are remarkable as a human, you will experience all the experiences that are profound for you to absorb, be it pain or happiness, find this place of peace that will ultimately come to you no matter how you experience this existence.  LIFE will find it’s way with or without your acceptance of this.


Can you imagine experiencing this with another that has found this place inside of themselves that sees every door? They can experience the same exact places inside that are of those moments that you are without time.  What magic you will experience, what profound places you can travel inside of each other.  This is the not; just a path or a journey.  It is a single step into consciousness that needs and wants to been ventured into based within knowing.


We all can feel it, not just a moment of consciousness that is present.  It is the void you can feel and then start using a thought process to try to figure out.  LIFE is in essence this very thing that we feel from being separated from as a light we have seen when we close our eyes or when we sleep as a place within the same step that we know something without knowing in words how to say it.  The consciousness of saying what it is eludes and keeps us searching for answers creating it with some equation that still can’t add up to the place that this points.  The moment we step through the door and are placed inside the human spirit we evolve from.  What we can hear inside of knowing and seek outside ourselves to find a different place that keeps us from the inside of where I speak from.


It has always been taboo to tell this outside, in the far east they know of the place that I speak of they stay there in the mountains of Tibet, unlocking this knowing of LIFE and are far able to seek inside to show the true places of the glow that we all have that we continue to think that LIFE is what this is.  LIFE again is not the same as existence.  I wish I knew the word that would in itself would give LIFE directly to you for it is still escaping me as I try to write what profound places you obtain without the mind and it’s perception of what doesn’t have any senses to project itself.


The challenge, the dream, the mystery is not in what I can say it is, it is what can happen when you remove any time from you.  The more you elude and escape time the stronger this message will resonate what is stated here.  Love beyond the possibility of LIFE for in it you will embrace exactly what I am placing here.


One single step of being more awake in consciousness is to where I point.  Not the many steps you feel you need to reach to have an end or more than one step to find it!  It is truly in this step right here. Not the one after it!

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