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The Pure Path….

2kiss1The Pure Connection…

Inside of you is a door of all doors… this door leads to the most profound source of energy.. you can’t reach this door with any journey I can point you to, but I can start the bread crumbs for you by telling you about the self discovery that comes from all the pains and moments of love within your life.  As you have grown in your life, you will experience connections… some of these connections will seem fulfilling to you however they always seem to fall short for some reason.

This is where the first bread crumb will be left for you… The first is this..  You were not able to complete the full circle of the connection cause something inside you kept you from it.  It isn’t that you lost this connection, you had the opposite happen.  When you first allowed someone else to be responsible for your happiness, this is where the error first occurred.. something in you felt touched, felt alive, felt complete.  This was the first point of seeing the connection inside yourself.  For what somewhere in you should have been able to show you, was that this was a vehicle inside you called allowance.  Not just any type of allowance, the allowance to see yourself, to see what there is to love… the mistake happens when you THINK, it is something outside you.  This is not outside you, how could it be?

So it doesn’t work out, something in you seems to want to heal, yet the other part of you now has a stream of, it is possible.. This is when we make the wrong turn.. you see what you fail to see, is that there is something in you, that you feel, will take another to give to you, to complete you, this is half right.  It can never be full circle because you don’t give it to yourself. Hence the ability to become whole!

As you continue this you will meet others, and some will give you something new inside you, that tells you something more that you can give to yourself.. you never truly see it this way, you always see in the opposite, as though something outside you has opened because of another person.  You are the reason that this was opened.. all that was given to your outside, was the vibration to open this up inside you.  Are you sure you can’t vibrate this open all by yourself?  Crumb two….

When you unlock something inside yourself… your ability to see love as the form of energy in motion, you need to open your eyes wider to see that you are in motion with it.  Even if you think it is not facing you it is.. it is not something you are never interacting with, why not just allow yourself to interact with it?  You will find that you can heal with it. You can intertwine with it?  You can heal the things outside you that you always wanted to give love to. You see this is the place we lose sight of, that when we move we can’t interact with love yet you are at all times. Crumb three…

Now lets say that these crumbs left for you leave you knowing something you didn’t know before.  And now you see that what you give to yourself, unlocks many of doors in you, that you always wanted to have within your existence here.  You see it isn’t about what someone else can give you when they react to you, in energy, it is about what you allow to come to you inside of the energy you are.

Every kiss will be different in this form.. Every touch will be felt powerfully in this form! It is not that you elected to do something different, you elected to make love within the love that you give to yourself.

It is impossible to give someone something you don’t give yourself.  Hence why it seems to be that your connection continues to evade you and it seems that your thought process stays in the place to keep you in prison inside yourself.

Only until you make yourself responsible for it, can you elect to find something peaceful, full of passion, and beyond something you always had within you to emerge.  The impossible dreams become possible when you chose this path.

I am only stating this to remind you of the places inside you that need your utmost energy to be drawn from.  It is the place that lights up when called upon.  It is there that you see me in form.  It is something, I will fall in love with every moment, even when you don’t see the bread crumbs I leave for you.  I know it isn’t for lack of trying, I believe it is for all the thought processes you keep that keep you from me.  I will never give up while we are here in this form. For you truly are remarkable to love inside here.

Why not come inside…..The stuff that dreams are made of is in here… take my hand and come inside, won’t you?  I promise you beyond your imagination is waiting.. It is always this moment which means it’s never to late!

If you notice somewhere inside you seemed to say yes as you read this… It isn’t because of the thought process you keep, it is the voice that allows the thought process to exist. The primary place of all energy, the connection to the place of creation…


The fingerprint of God…

Your soul….

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