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There is nothing never going on… there are no ordinary moments…

I felt my own presence today something that told me the soul has tears that moments are always magical and that no matter the moment you have significant choice to be in them. You can escape all of this by all the trash in ones mind.  As I watched the little girl swing today in the cold her sniffling seemed to be something she didn’t mind as the cool air just flowed.. The couple walking their dog apart not holding hands how their energy of separateness seemed be missing all of this that was around them.  Their dog however could feel all the energy the wind seemed to have the dog sniffing the air.  The child’s laughter echoed in the sky as she was playing with her little brother.  They made laughing sounds the entire time they were there. I was so amazed by this. Yet I did nothing but by doing nothing I watched all the energy of all those things going on at the same time and found myself captured without thought that love was present in all of it!  How is it that we go in every moment and don’t see the energy that is present inside love with the glow of all things.  Is it the right thing to do to have fear, to have pain, to have a thought process that keeps us from ourselves from this experience or the next.  I read a friends blog tonight and she was trapped in her thought process of freedom from a dead end marriage.  She can’t see the freedom that she has now!  She choses the door to condemn and doesn’t see the energy that keeps all those around her trapped in it to. These moments are the moments that you can free yourself from your mind of thinking that you are doing the right thing. You can only do the right thing when you allow yourself to let go. If you require peace, if you require love then let go in this moment and let all moments to come be about the moment.  Not about the past or future of the consequences of those that have the same energy and share that love with them. Even if it is resentment it is from being without love that love is more present.  You can feel it in you even when you are upset.  All you have to do is realize that you have it’s opposite stepping forward.  I am sending love  from this moment that hopefully will heal.  Losing yourself to pain, and to regret is not who you are.. you are more!  With love this comes.. not in this moments that are ordinary but within the no ordinary moments!

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  1. Awesome… I like that perspective and feel your love. Many will if they choose to take an exceptional moment and read your post. I do concur live in the magic of every moment and love life!

      • So true… Garbage is very unhealthy. I have been experimenting with that energy as well and must say that I am grateful as are you that we can feel and embrace the love that it is made of. Awesome my friend truly awesome it is my most cherished gift.

        • My son called me from College tonight he finally watched the movie I asked him to watch by Dan Milmann. He said Dad I feel exactly what you were telling me yet how do I get there. I said it takes years of practice or years of losing your mind whichever is easiest for you! He laughed.. (The movie was Peaceful Warrior) Nick Nolte was incredible in it! Have you seen it before?

  2. I am happy your son called! Mine is in jail and hasn’t called his mother did and shared that my sons girlfriend is pregnant. It would truly bring a great smile to hear from him… I am not sure if I have seen the film. I lead a very busy life of working through out the 80’s and 90’s. 3 hours commuting for the most part from the Poconos in PA to Manhattan and working ten to eighteen hour days six or seven days a week didn’t allow for much entertainment or a good marriage. I will see if I can find it and watch it, if it touched your heart it will touch mine. What did you share with him as far as getting there?

    • I am always telling him to be in this moment, don’t allow negative thoughts to keep him from always doing his best. He had Olympic trials and was number one in the nation for the high jump. He ended up in 6th place. He has been down on himself, cause his thought process was about the destination not the actual journey as it presented himself. I highly recommend this movie it is a true story to a man’s enlightenment. I am sure you will watch it more than once… It is on amazon or itunes. As for your son my friend. I think he would love to read what you write. Energy is still something you can interject with him. It takes all the love in you to go to places even ones heart tells them not to. He will read it I feel it!

      • I share that energy as with you I know that energy reaches him over the miles and I know that there is light in his dark hours. I will make it a point to get the movie and I have very bit of faith that I will enjoy and embrace the shared story of another on his path towards enlightenment. Look out Lau Tzu a new era is dawning!

    • my friend with all the energy you did back then you still have that energy now that you can give to them. Every flow of energy impacts results that can do magnificent things. Trust me on this!

  3. No I have yet to submit anything. I have a good stock of poems and short stories to work with I am revamping and embellishing some to enter in some poetry contests. I have been holding myself back out of fear due to my lack of formal education. That perhaps can be solved with some luck and win a buck or two to pay for my education. I lack the proper grammar skills to write as I would like. I have been writing a book for the last three years about my own path towards enlightenment and the relationship of four generations of men and the effect they had on my life and my hopes for the men and women of our world. The truth is that men are the greatest influence in any of our lives as we come into our own. Many of us learn after the mistakes are made yet some men are so weak that they never gain true strength. Enlightenment was not even a thought for the men I was raised by, nor is it a thought for most of the men I know. There are many like us however there are many more that don’t even care to open their eye’s. Actually you help me as do many that read my pages. I write from my heart and people feel that, formal education does not teach that. Life does it is an honor to share with a similar soul. Thanks… Any thoughts as far as getting myself published?

    • No I am going to do so through ibooks and then amazon… you can do it free with their app.. It makes it easy yet I am going to continue to write till it comes all out. I know what you mean about men and cycles.. I repeated both parents cycles and it killed me in the end, I was to lost! I needed to die to it.. and what is here now is the same that will be in my new passing. I can see this cycle and am trying to reach those that can’t hear it in themselves. We both are as I can see this in your words as well! We will find a way my friend. We both want nothing more than to save the world and so we shall!

    • Hello my friend..write from your heart, go for it…English is not my first language and I am multilingual…I speak from my heart so when I write…it is just flow in..sometimes I wonder since when I can write 😉 I know I am good in numbers and equations but never in words…if I can do it, WHY NOT YOU?

  4. Great post Clark (as always). You are right, it is very easy to allow the important details in life slip past by not being in he moment. I’m glad the world glows for you in this way. Jen x

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