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Thinking as a disease…

thinkingchartYou can endure moments that the mind can make the pain seem less or more than it truly is. This happens when moments of clarity become cloudy and misty.  What path you take to enlightenment can be summed by what you experience in seeking what answers are relevant to you in that moment.  Take what you feel, when you feel attacked, or misled, or kept in the dark.   These kinds of emotions translated into thought have only one background.  The background of your own thinking.  You will have thoughts that you are wrong, you are not worthy, you are not right about anything.  These thoughts have a place of changing what you feel, not by seeing you have a choice, but by not seeing that you can make a choice.  You always have a choice to let this thinking go.  We make this thinking about ourselves for that very reason.  It is easier to have a sad face or angry face, and the energy of it gives you what you place in thought.  How is this thinking ever going to be removed?  How does this thinking ever get it’s day where it no longer has control over you?


This question has posed itself many of times, and time is the only thing that keeps it alive.  It looks for what has happened to keep the line of thinking as a observant control device to keep you never seeing the present moment, or it’s place in what it gives you as far as sight.  You can be hurt repeatedly by yourself, cause you don’t even see that when you have pain you create a self, in that pain. The victim of your own thinking… Your thinking does this as a means to an end, of a mean to keep the present moment from you.  How this one little lie in thinking embeds itself in what you experience, is your state of thinking and not your state of being.


One of the most challenging moments that happens to all things is what happens in the mind, as it tries to solve equations and problems, that we are educated to do inside of ourselves from the moment we are 2 years old or earlier.  We created this prison as a means to be civil to one another, yet punish ourselves without anyone watching as the thoughts command you see this from a mental position.  If your mind is the warden, and you are the inmate, what you do inside yourself is the same that we do outside to ourselves for others to intertwine in our energy.  This disease has long since been in effect not because we asked for it.. We actually don’t see it in this way to see that we can always be free or paroled as it were, without the life sentence we are under, because of the mind and it’s need to attack.   I am not saying all thinking is bad, just the parts that take us away from the present moment and we blame others for that.  We keep this part of thinking as a means to interact in the world.  How we interpret good and bad has to see it from a mental position to identify with how we are in the world.


We even suffer more because we often take this moment to judge ourselves and how we have to apologize to others because our thinking mind created the things we do and how that becomes more emotionally withdrawn because we feel we are always doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong thing. This can also be right and right gives the same energy as well.  One feels different that the other yet both have same strength in energy.  It is not on purpose this happens we just see and hear what it going on around us, and we don’t remove this energy as it is, because it is our thinking that keeps us in this way of thinking. What if the line between thinking and knowing was drawn wouldn’t it be a simple world to be within as we wouldn’t hold back the truth anymore for there would be no reason to.  I imagine this is a different view to experience this from.  Yet the suffering of thinking has a cure.  That cure is you.. and the cure is available to you in the present moment when you no longer seek yourself in your thoughts but seek yourself in being.


You are more, beyond thinking you don’t need anyone to tell you this just that one voice in you that makes thinking primary where in truth it is secondary to your own being.



The chart above can be looked at when you close your finger in a door or have severe back pain..  How about thinking do you see how this chart points to the truth about thinking?


Love deeply,


4 Comments on “Thinking as a disease…

  1. Wow. This has hit the nail on the head for me. Thank you. Funny how the truth has its way of setting us free, even if it can expose us to being hurt., or exposes the hurt behind the lies that needs to be released. There is something to the thinking mind that wants to keep control of everything so that we feel we are creating a safe world when in fact we only shut the world and ourselves out from the truth.

    Like in this book called “Broken Open” the author writes about us all being just ” Bozo’s on The Bus” in an attempt to get us to see and accept our humanness and the worth in that, and how NOT alone we are in being so. If I am a bozo the clown, so are you and so is the guy next to you. So what is there to be so afraid of ?

    In the realm of spirit WE ARE. Plain and simple. And if there is nothing we can do that will change that in any way, why lie to ourselves to tell us otherwise…why do I want to lie to myself and tell myself I am any less than a divine light, or apologize for BEing when I have not hurt anyone? Why do I carry this weight of “there is something wrong with me” so often? It is maybe time to let go some more and let the truth of your beautiful message sink a little deeper. Thank you dear friends. <3

    • How often do you catch yourself in non thinking mode vs thinking mode? This is how this keeps you out of balance if you find yourself always thinking you are missing the truth of what you are in this moment! You are love! Never are you not!

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