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What do you call Higher Education?




My Son…


I am not one to speak on education.. but when I wondered about the youth of our world I had not seen the pattern of what makes a educated person possible to make it big within our world.  What can be found from this is the love you place inside of what you are in love with doing.

We teach all things in experience. you can’t teach a child about something if you are consistently telling them they need a higher education to be someone. I can see the point if you are out there doing something that would probably need to be taught.  Example a Doctor, a Scientist, etc.  Yet it does require a exuberant amount of love to be in love with doing this.

My son who I recently posted the dream was inclined to leave school because he said to me Dad…  “I am going to school to get a degree and then when I get out with the unemployment rate such as it is.. what will I be able to do? I will have this large bill which I will have to pay back to the government who gave me the money to go to school yet they will not make sure I have a good paying JOB(Just over Broke) to pay it back.”

“What will I be able to do? what will be available for me?  How am I going to leave my mark in a career and support my family that I will have to wait for until I am 30 years old to pay off all these loans?”

How do you respond to that? How will you respond to that?  What we have done with education is this very thing.  If you are in elementary school you learn basics of all the things we should learn as it is our right.. but what about after?

What we teach in history keeps us repeating it.

What we learn in literature no one really speaks it.

What we learn in math should be pointing to the very thing that has us in this mess we are in cause we are going to have to learn math to realize how much we owe and how we will survive.

We do learn social skills that may or may not keep us sane to work with others to earn a paycheck. Yet are we really making momentum on what is going to change this world? We continue to pay for school when this should be a right of passage to be free to make the changes you can in the world.  I know I am far off. Yet the education you pay for year after year in taxes does what for our children? In your lifetime whether you like it or not depending how much you make, you will pay as much as 25% of what you make to learn something you will seldom use.  Yes I said it correctly.  Yet remember that all statistics are 90% made up.

We have some of the most wealthiest people living in our country yet it would seem that they didn’t go any further in education than most of us went though in high school.  All of them having some school.. have one thing in common.  The experience of this existence and being able to use that with love to make it to where they got to.

How do you tell your child that they need something that everyone who has made it has not done or you to point to them?

I know this topic was not something I couldn’t let go without writing about.

So I am going to say this to you my son.


I don’t know what kind of man you want to be, or what type of experience you will need to have to obtain the place you will feel that it is all worth it. I do know that I love you and feel that this love will extend your life to places you will always be able to reach. I will always give you what ever strength I have to obtain your dreams. Even if I am gone tomorrow, I will always be in your heart that I know you have within you.  Your dreams are not done, and are not to be defined by any person, place or thing.  You decide what your existence is. You decide how you will touch people in your life and not in your life.  Know that everything I am, will not go unheard to find you no matter how far you go.  Your being is why I am.  You always have been the man I wished to be. You will always be my hero.  Not because you can do all the magnificent things that you do. But because your heart has given my own heart it’s strength to beat stronger than it ever has!  For me I get to experience this existence in bliss because I am your father.  I am so lucky to have a love from a child such as you. You have given me my own strength to forgive myself for not being awake sooner. I know this may not give you an answer about why education.  I do know that whatever path you will take in this life with or without it you will change the world!

In a world very few wealthy people on the planet I get to be a part of that cause I get to have more than wealth because of your love.

I am proud of you my son!  I always will beyond forever!


12 Comments on “What do you call Higher Education?

  1. Heart felt CK I am sure it was quite difficult to write about this as it is very apparent your love for your son and for education and knowledge. I am proud of you for sharing this and your heart in doing so. Your son will do what is right for him as you have taught him well and trust him. Awesome my friend and it is all love!

    • Actually I let it come from the heart… Yet after listening to such words it gave me more of a global look at how saying anything would make a difference. So I said what could only come from love!
      Thank you my friend!

  2. I struggle with this as well. I grew up thinking that education was the highest value experience I could have in my young life. I dropped out of school at age 16 and wondered the world, suicidal. I know that was much more valuable than getting my undergrad. For me… Yet, my message to my children is to puruse that education. And yes, to do it even if that isn’t where their heart points.

    I see it like getting a vaccine or brushing teeth. Suck it up and do what you have to do. Freedom is a right, but you have to cover your bases. Not getting an education is too limiting to allow that as an option. Of course, if either of my sons (cough, cough…the youngest) has the balls to stand up to me and rebel and take the consequences and strike out on his own and build himself without an education, well, then, he’s probably going to be just fine.

    Reading this, I wonder if I should rethink. I see everything framed in a new way. But man, education…it is a ticket to the world as much as health or confidence is.

    • I realize that education is important, yet what my son pointed to here is that those that have made it big didn’t wait around to be taught they went out to gain the knowledge that they needed for what inspired them to do so and achieved success. My son is an incredible being. He has the capacity to be anything he desires. I suppose when he positioned to me that he may not want to continue school and why he doesn’t vote or other things I really found a resistance inside me that had me look through the different eyes we all need to look through.

      He inspires others in all kinds of ways. To see him do so is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I know he will make the difference as he is destiny undefined by any path. I feel so amazing knowing he will do just that in his own way.

      Sometimes being taught leaves us with only something inside as a voice that points to places we never will venture to because we were taught and see no other way. I broke those chains along with others just as you are doing now my dear Chaos.. It just is the freeway into the light that has a lane for you to chose. 🙂

  3. Great post Clark. I too have told my children make sure they do what they love. For they will be doing it for a long time. Thank you for being such a patient and good father. BTW the spoken word video is pretty damn cool huh?

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