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What does Kill you can…

Truly can make you stronger… survival is the purpose of life for 90% of us who are going day to day from pay check to pay check having love in our lives but not in our hearts to make it full. How about the remaining 10% well they are paying attention to what life’s purpose isn’t… survival is for those that want to have love in there life.. and for themselves to be better than they can be. I watched my son play basketball last night and he seemed like he was at work.. not having fun… stressing about what makes a difference… struggling cause he feels he can do better… that there is more potential in him….how about the enjoyment he should be experiencing while playing what he loves. Have you ever embraced something you loved before… or what about someone… for all the flaws and everything that made that person who they are today… escape with me for a minute. What if that very same thing or person truly were not flawed by past events.. but flawed by perception of events… the true essence of that person or thing would truly capture beauty to be something that is incredible. Flaws.. the past consist full of them! yet right now… none seem to exist! When you go how would you like to be known for what you have done! Honestly think about it… wouldn’t that memory soon fade… yes it would.. it is not supposed to be what you are remembered for. What is felt in your presence is.. That is why we mourn… not for the memories. But for the way we feel about what was felt. Now if you can focus the energy of what you feel at this very moment or moments to come to share this. You will find the most incredible feeling ever experienced. BLISS….. It had been a long time since I dreamed deep into the darkness of flying in space… but it happened ye again.. and not just the bright light.. but the pink light.. the light blue light and a few other colors existed… I felt such peace.. such a deep sleep.. it was intoxicating… and it was healing.. How do you heal old scars of pain… well you ascend and let go.. truly surrender to what is so dark it has no answers… Let go… of love… of pain.. of happiness… there is something beyond… eternal bliss maybe… I would say so… but this is one human’s opinion of what is truly there… what is truly the embracing of the souls passion… I feel a great glow in me today… a glow that is to only get stronger.. that only seems to make me smile that much greater… I am feeling my wings… πŸ™‚

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  1. Yes my friend I feel as many probably do that great change is in the air… You are feeling your wings I feel like perhaps I am molting… Yes change I feel is soon upon us. The energy I feel; as do you is getting stronger and more beautiful. Thank you for sharing and being such a beautiful soul.

  2. To be able to fly you need a very personal connection to your Self, spend lots if time nurturing your inner baby…..and love has amazing power of opening to another level of love and guess this is ultimately what you are flying…..but I prefer surfing….even I can’t surf physically! The feeling is great!

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