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What is abandonment?

What is abandonment?



As a verb…

1. to forsake completely; desert; leave behind: to abandon a baby; drivers had to abandon their cars


2.  abandon ship the order given to the crew of a ship that is about to sink to take to the lifeboats


3.   to give up completely: to abandon a habit; to abandon hope


4.  to yield control of or concern in; relinquish: to abandon office


5.  to give up (something begun) before completion: to abandon a job; the game was abandoned


6.  to surrender (oneself) to emotion without restraint


7.  to give (insured property that has suffered partial loss or damage) to the insurers in order that a claim for a total loss may be made


As a noun…


8.  freedom from inhibitions, restraint, concern, or worry: she danced with abandon…


Abandonment as an ego based energy that is commonly the cause of a need to protect itself from the truth, it will create symptoms, excuses, lies, suffering to keep itself intact.  


As an energy it can be mixed with any form of non permission you don’t give yourself to allow the self to abandon itself against what is.  It is a energy that prolongs suffering!


Abandonment is always a story.  The story of the you that “didn’t” 

I didn’t want or I didn’t need, they didn’t want or they didn’t need, It also tells the story of I can’t or I couldn’t. I can’t be, I can’t accept, I can’t explain, I can’t imagine, I can’t think, I can’t_______ !   I couldn’t imagine, I just couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t ________ !


Abandonment always starts inside as a lie that you have to tell yourself that creates a story!  This story must be embraced to the core! The root of the core is what is missing to keep the story alive!


Love Deeply, 


Lois & Clark


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