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When you find this….


One day I won’t be here… I can imagine that this will still be here and I want to leave this here for eternity.. Somehow in these archive’s I suppose that I will be somewhere in the wind that you will be able to feel and know that I am still following the dreams beyond this imagination inside of love, that I have claimed during my existence here.

I know that I will always feel something magical as it pertains to human life.  Just know that the magnificence of what it means to be in this form will always be doing something astounding to help you feel everything wether good or bad.

It will not be either sad or be permanent.  You will get to feel the thrill of all things that you can never explore when you do leave.  I can only tell you the magical blissful feeling that surrounds you in either way.

Pain will be something you will endure as much, or if not more than happiness.  Yet in those times of happiness you will get a glimpse of magic as it was meant to be felt.

Yet, as you sit there reading this now, know I had a brilliant existence here. I was surrounded by love of the most unimaginable kind.  I had a very loving mother and a very inspiring father.  Both gave me tools that I used to understand my gifts that birthed a little later than I would have liked.  Nonetheless they were birthed in those moments that gave me a sense of understanding why I had to go through them.

It is much of a wonderful existence this time as I was able to unlock the core of understanding all of this moment and the choices I make within them.  Heck, as I am still writing this I am still in that moment.

Make sure you do the same. Understand what you have before you doesn’t need repeated thought patterns. Unlocked places inside you that you just don’t share out of choice.

Realize this to give yourself the same love I experienced.  You will never know the freedom of truth until you allow it to happen inside you to explode outside you. No matter what it is.

This truth brought about a great love to me as I always seemed to be chasing it by trying to bring others to it.  I never truly got it till I made it a choice to see…. what it is exactly.

In a elevated form I realized I was dreaming in another form I was trying to bring it to others without knowing exactly the feeling was.  If you see a diamond to look at it, realize the inside of the diamond is as precious as what is shown on the outside.  This is you.. no matter how your cut, no matter your shape, you have something deep within you that will bring you the greatest experience you will have here to shine just like the diamond.  It is the journey of knowing.  You will not need what you have experienced thus far, to experience it. Although it may seem that those things are in your way.  You can pass right through them.  I promise you that you can.

I am not speaking to you from the mind in this part I am appealing to your state of being, your soul.  This place inside you is the reason for this form.  Don’t find it to late.. find it in the moment!   The present places in you seek answers that can only come from this. I can tell you it unlocks the souls imagination that soars back to where it came from.  In this you will see everything as beautiful and your tears will be the rain as you see it now.

The beauty in nature comes from this very thing.  Washing everything away to make it new again. It’s always new just as this moment and the next!

I hope that this gives you some comfort.. I hope this gives you some peace. Mostly I hope this expands your love beyond the places you have always felt but never travelled to.

Realize your breathing you share this in unison with everything that is alive… everything!

If you are sharing your existence with someone don’t forget to take them with you to see this view…  It’s unimaginable to see everything without the extra pair of eyes…

Remember there is a way to call to yourself…. there is a place inside you that you can always find home…

It’s in these words here….

I am……


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