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Who would you be if you were not against reality?

wristwatch-NOWI am against reality… Most state this without even knowing they are missing it..  Think about it, ask yourself that question.. How did you get to this step in where you are trapped in the mind? To relive this moment over and over with what was or what is coming.  You don’t like your past, you definitely are unsure about your future.. You are missing it, you are making the now an enemy..  How do you fight a war against the now?

Well the greatest experience is watching a simple movie that will show you how to be in all moments…  Ground Hogs Day…  I was recently listening to a great spiritual teacher and what he said was this very thing.  How do you remove suffering if suffering is all the mind needs to be in a sense to be right about the suffering itself? In this movie is the most powerful message who would you be if you let the flow of life show you what it has to give you?  Who would you be if you always were filled with love? How deep could you love if you went with existence rather than allowing mind noise to keep you from it?

Do you see the separation of how you never gain control of your thoughts based on this very simple thing.  You make the present moment an enemy. This enemy will completely make sure you miss the only thing you ever have.  This moment!

The miracle of what you do, you do it now, let’s say you are homeless, in prison or other.. the now is not only eluding you it is going to stay constant because of this condition the mind creates to be in a past or future..  This is how we get trapped in the construct of what is..  The now.. the now is more powerful with love than it is without you in it in the now.  Do you see the powerful words that have been placed here.  These words have significant meaning and have a weight all to their own..  They change everything now!  No matter how stuck you are if you avoid the now expect the same.

How many hugs did you give today without being in the now, how about a kiss without being in the now?  Do you see how not being now you give a small part of yourself without being now.  What energy is consumed without this truth?  You sense of being is most prominent in the now!

The mind can’t tell you this problem for it is the problem. How do you remedy that state? How do you become aware of this state of being that has become dominated in what was or what will be?  You accept the probable truth which is this moment of knowing.. Not in the mind but without the mind as a removal of ego. What? You scared without your ego you will not have an identity? What is it that your identity needs to show about you that you can’t do in this moment as it is the last moment you ever have?

How powerful will your passion be if you stay NOW?

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