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Women Births, God Births, Men well….

Human love is wonderful… it can be comforting… it can be kind.. it can also let you see the good in everything and everyone around you… we misplace this love after time.. it is a easy trap to fall into.. it doesn’t require anything more but ignoring the moment… the moment this happens human love is altered.. if you don’t mind what happens it changes and becomes the not so comfortable feeling that it allows the human spirit to be ignored.. then those minutes that seemed so important of togetherness fade… then your days become standard as though you are living by yourself.. this place within self starts to hide your true essence your true center of happiness becomes in question.  This goes on in some for years before they realize they have died inside.. they died because the apparent truth of life has eluded them.  I will share with you this.. those moments that call to love are important… not to be tested by allowing someone to manipulate the place you feel most in love.. your trust comes in to question cause you are ignored for the beautiful creature you are… not from the person you are with… but from the place within you that is ignored by you… no one else… just you… This part of human love is what becomes the tragedy… all the love you feel is surrounded by the forgiveness you never gave to yourself.. and then you become isolated in this pain.. it makes no difference to anyone around you.. cause you hurt within you screaming for only you to hear… most don’t hear this voice.. they realize that it is not for anyone else to hear if screams to a place that is dormant… yet if you stood in a room with 20 or more people and they all gave you a hug one after the other you would find your way back to love.. this outer love is only temporary.. temporary cause once alone you can find that your mind will take back over… and the noise that was taken from you will return.. not from that which was felt from all the energy of the love to heal from others but from the darkness of thought which is something more than the darkness your mind wanted you to stand in.

Ok what is spiritual love… it is the lightness of self that is your true engine for movement in existence some refer to this as life.. this energy was important to all things that make us alive within.. this love can also show you the impossible.. the ability to let your being leave your body and join another to slow dance in heaven/space.. this love is rare and is no longer existent on this planet… until now lucky me.. until the awakening within you comes to the place that matters most… the belief is that you have to experience a near death experience to have this happen inside you.. this is because no one is left with the belief that you can do this simply by finding the core of yourself through clearing the mind.. clearing your mind daily.. clearing your place within you to bring the light of being to this place of love.. the love that created all that is… The power of feeling this love is beyond the most powerful forces in the universe..

What is universal love.. this could almost be known as the highest form(please know in love there is not levels, this is a phrase I use here but it is by no means meaning one is above another each have strengths) of love.. it is significant as it has no need or want… it just is.. this part is not even a place felt now.. thousands of years ago it faintly came to earth only to be crucified within the belief system that was within our loves domain… a domain that calls us home… This love is inside me… it is expanding all the time.. the light within me is this place… This level of love allows the entity that we are as light of being merge with another who has cast the same energy level and beyond… this is the interplanetary state of self and is a connection to all things.. this does not have the touch that can be seen or felt in the physical sense.. it is beyond that… it makes all things possible… It is the merging of two naked souls to be beyond bliss…

Ok with that said… and knowing that is within me… it is glowing and growing all the time.. I breathe this intelligence understand I don’t think this up… How could I?

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    The soul on its way to manifestation passes through four states, Ilm, Ishq, Wujud, Shuhud. Ilm is the original state of the consciousness, the pure intelligence. Ishq is love, the next step of intelligence towards manifestation; therefore intelligence and love are the same in their essence. Objects, such as rocks and trees, have no intelligence, therefore they have no love, except a little perception of love that exists in plant life. But among beasts and birds intelligence develops, that is why in them love begins to show itself. Wujud is the objective world, whose purpose it is to be loved, for love could not manifest unless there were an object to love. Shuhud is the realization of love’s experience, in whatever aspect it may be.

    The word love is derived from the Sanskrit word Lobh, which means desire, wish. The same word is used in the Russian language, Liubov. Love may be called in other words the desire to be conscious of the object of love. Therefore Shuhud, the realization of love, is the only object of every soul. It is love in different aspects, which is known by all such names as: will, wish, desire, kindness, favor, and so forth.

    In love abides all knowledge. It is mankind’s love and interest in things that in time reveals their secret, and then man knows how to develop, control, and utilize them. No one can know anybody, however much he may profess to know, except the lover, because in the absence of love the inner eyes are blind. Only the outer eyes are open, which are merely the spectacles of the inner eyes. If the sight is not keen, of what use are the spectacles? It is for this reason that we admire all those whom we love, and are blind to the good qualities of those whom we do not love. It is not always that these deserve our neglect, but our eyes, without love, cannot see their goodness. Those whom we love may have bad points too, but as love sees beauty, so we see that alone in them. Intelligence itself in its next step towards manifestation is love. When the light of love has been lit, the heart becomes transparent, so that the intelligence of the soul can see through it. But until the heart is kindled by the flame of love, the intelligence, which is constantly yearning to experience life on the surface, is groping in the dark.

    The whole of creation is made for love. Man is the most capable of it. If we have a stone in our house and we like the stone very much, the stone will not be aware of our love to that degree to which a plant would be conscious of it. If we have a plant, and care for it and tend it, it will respond to our care and will flourish. The animals feel affection. If we keep an animal in the house, how much affection and love it can feel! The tame animals in time grow to be as affectionate as one of the family. It was Joseph’s dog that fed him while in the well until he was found by travelers passing that way. It is said that the horse of an Arab who had fallen on the battlefield kept watch over him for three days, guarding his corpse from the vultures until his comrades came. But man, having the largest share of intelligence, has the most love in his nature.

    All this shows that creation has evolved from mineral to plant life, from plant life to animal life, and from the animal to the human being, showing a gradual development of love through every stage.

    The Sufis say that the reason of the whole creation is that the perfect Being wished to know Himself, and did so by awakening the love of His nature and creating out of it His object of love, which is beauty. Dervishes, with this meaning, salute each other by saying, Ishq Allah Mabud Allah – God is love and God is the beloved. A Hindustani poet says, ‘The desire to see the beloved brought me to earth, and the same desire to see the beloved I am taking with me to heaven.’

    As love is the source of creation and the real sustenance of all beings, so, if man knows how to give it to the world around him as sympathy, as kindness, as service, he supplies to all the food for which every soul hungers. If man knew this secret of life he would win the whole world, without any doubt.

    Love can always be discerned in the thought, speech, and action of the lover, for in his every expression there is a charm which shows as a beauty, tenderness, and delicacy. A heart burning in love’s fire has a tendency to melt every heart with which it comes in contact.

    Love produces such a charm in the lover that while he loves one all love him. The magnetism of love is thus explained by a Hindustani poet: ‘Why should not every heart be melted into drops before the flame that my heart has sustained all through my life? As I have all my life shed tears with the pain of love, the lovers make pilgrimage to my mournful grave.’ It was to teach this lesson of love that Christ said, ‘I will make you fishers of men.’ ‘Everyone is drawn to me, to become my friend, but none divines what it is in my heart that draws him,’ said Jalaluddin Rumi.

    Love is inherent in every soul. All the occupations of life, however important or unimportant, in some way or other tend towards love; therefore no one in the world can be called entirely loveless. Love is the one thing that every soul brings to earth with it. Yet after coming to earth man partakes of all the qualities of lovelessness. If it were not so, we would have been as bitter, as jealous, as angry, as full of hatred when we were born as we are now. The infant has no hatred. A little child that we have scolded will in a few minutes’ time come and embrace us.

    To love, to adore, to worship someone with whom we are connected neither by birth, race, creed, nor in any worldly connection, comes from the love of the soul. Sometimes people fall in love at first sight, sometimes the presence of someone draws a person like a magnet, sometimes one sees a person and feels, ‘I might have known him all my life.’ Sometimes one speaks with another person and finds an intimacy of understanding as if the souls understood each other. All of this is accounted for by the idea of soul-mates.

    A heart lightened by love is more precious than all the gems and jewels of the world. There are as many different kinds of hearts as there are different substances in the world. There are hearts of metal which take a long time and much fire of love to heat, and then once heated will melt and may be molded as you wish for the moment, but soon afterwards turn cold. There are hearts of wax which melt instantly at the sight of fire, and if there is a wick of ideal, they will keep their flame until they become nonexistent. There are hearts of paper which are set alight by a slight touch of the fire and turn into ashes in one moment.

    Love is like the fire; its glow is devotion, its flame is wisdom, its smoke is attachment, and its ashes detachment. Flame rises from glow, so it is with wisdom, which rises from devotion. When love’s fire produces its flame it illuminates the devotee’s path in life like a torch, and all darkness vanishes.

    When the life-force acts in the soul it is love, when it acts in the heart it is emotion, and when in the body it is passion. Therefore the most loving person is the most emotional, and the most emotional is the most passionate, according to the plane of which he is most conscious. If he is most awake in the soul he is loving, if awakened in the heart he is emotional, if he is conscious of the body he is passionate. These three may be pictured as fire, flame, and smoke. Love is fire when in the soul, it is a flame when the heart is kindled by it, and it is as smoke when it manifests through the body.

    The first love is for the self. If illuminated, man sees his true benefit and he becomes a saint. In the absence of illumination man becomes so selfish that he becomes a devil. The second love is for the opposite sex. If it is for love’s sake it is heavenly. If it is for passion’s sake it is earthly. This, if it is quite pure, can certainly take away the idea of the self, but the benefit is slight and the danger is great. The third love is for the children, and this is the first service to God’s creatures. To reserve it for one’s children only is like appropriating to oneself what is given to us as a trust by the Creator, but if this love expands to embrace the whole creation of the Heavenly Father, it raises man to be among the chosen ones of God.

    The love of the parents for the children is much greater than the love of the children towards them, for while the parents’ thought is all centered in the children, the children’s thought is for themselves first. Someone asked the Prophet, ‘Whose love is greater, the children’s love for their parents or the parents’ for their children?’ He said, ‘The parents’ love is greater, for while they do all things with the thought that their children may grow and be happy and will live after them, as if they expect to live in the life of their children after their death, even worthy children think that some day the parents will die, and with this thought they render them what little service they can.’ The questioner asked, ‘Of the parents, whose love is greater?’ The Prophet said, ‘The mother’s. The greater respect and service is due to her, for heaven lies at her feet.’ The love of the parents is most blessed, for this love is clear as crystal.

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