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What is Bliss? Can you obtain it? Is it possible?

Are you upset or angry or even confused about something??? Do you find yourself tossing and turning through the night wondering about things that happened that day or something that will happen the day to come… may I ask you why you would do such a thing? do you understand that it isn’t you that is doing this.. it is your mind.. it has control of you… You will be trapped!

I was asked recently if I was blissfully happy??? It is hitting me days later to realize what I was being asked… I was still trapped in my mind.. in some places I still am but the door is open.. but to be blissfully happy you have the core of you speaking in volumes of a love inside that is no longer selfish… no longer self containing… I answered this question when asked so fast I didn’t truly understand what was being asked of me.. the me in the center.. the me that is asking for the growth to be forever…

I know the eternal love I keep inside me.. is it able to grow to something more than I ever known to be possible.. would I be able to embrace such a place that I would be able to give it to my son or allow my son to ever know that is it possible.. am I detaining this from him cause I don’t have it myself.. Much talks have happened throughout the past year with my spirit guide.. she has asked me repeatedly am I able to be blissfully happy???Β  She has even seen a beyond blissful place within me.. I didn’t want to hear it.. I couldn’t the mind noise in my head was too loud Thoughts)!!!!

I am no longer supposed to feel the alternate reality of a life that isn’t me being incredibly happy.. but incredibly at peace with something so wonderful going on inside me that I glow and those around me can feel this glow and start mini fires to the lives I touch to become a fire of all their own…

The spirit world calls to me… something that she has been saying all along is something in me that realizes she would never cause me to purposefully think about what I am doing.. she was calling to what I feel.. the center of me.. I am sorry my friend for not trusting in your guidance.. I am sorry for not seeing the truth for what you could see… we both were fooled… You weren’t speaking to my thoughts really.. you never were.. You were speaking to my soul.. but it was being blocked defensively by my thoughts.. the protector of my soul… but protection from what? from myself… a myself that I don’t even know.. I know this isn’t speaking human.. but to me it is how I understand why I made the choices I made…

Can the light of heaven be something I can reach.. will the clouds finally separate and allow me the beyond bliss that my soul calls too… can the demons of my thoughts finally be gone? I can give up that which I was told to give up.. which I was told to not hold onto.. I realized I am supposed too… Not question it any longer.. Just let go… Let it all go… Finding that my smile can light up even the darkest of places… it is the flashlight to open the dark…

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.

9 Comments on “What is Bliss? Can you obtain it? Is it possible?

    • Pink my post are my words that require little to no thought.. There is something in you echoing a place you should listen to.. It is what is taking your words so you can hear something more magical and beautiful in yourself.. It is why your words are taken.. Your vibrational frequency inside is struck by similar feelings within you.. Is that accurate?

  1. Clarke, you’ve made some excellent points.

    I too, am feeling like this every single day. It’s crazy the feeling knowing how you can’t really sleep just thinking about it.


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