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You Will Die Momentarily

I have died my friend, It was October 18th, 2007. Yet I was reborn unto this existence for a purpose. I died to the past every day since! I feel after reading your post I had to say something for it is something I feel you should ponder as anyone else will ponder. When we make this about life we have limited the concept of what life is! It is not the same as birth and death. For in both of those is the stripping away of all that is not you to begin with. While here you will live and experience great pain, great happiness sometimes different in vibration to what is already within you as the knowing that happens. I was living a life that was beyond deceitful. I hurt everyone around me but what was important about this was the hurt I had placed on my existence here. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. I wasn’t supposed to be living a existence that kept me from myself. I was supposed to do as we all do which is have free will choices to decide my heaven or hell while being here. For this doesn’t exist before I was here or after I was here! Death is like birth and birth is like death. Each is a pathway from one door to another. CK
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