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Your never alone… all you have to do is…

The whole premise of no longer being alone is that some one out their truly connects to us an is so connected that an energy of what can change your life, wake you up, and also allow the capacity of love to be greater in you than ever before.  I have seen this and even know that there is a glimpse of this surreal energy out there.  A glimpse, yes all dreams at some point you have to wake up and allow what is before you to be seen with pure eyes, pure heart, pure soul, and pure love.  You get this from understanding that not everything is as it seems and that even that which you felt so strongly about in the first place was so real.  You then understood that you would even stay where you didn’t feel wanted, you didn’t feel loved, you were left alone to defend yourself to grow and be as you are.  I used to be in that place.. and I am sure I understand that what goes around comes around.  I am content with knowing that is my destiny, that this is my creed, Unhappiness is a form of being that can find it’s way directly to peace cause it understands unhappiness is a form of unsettled peace that is within you.  I wish to be full of this very peace, to be full of this very place that has calmness,  that sees no need to fooling what the eyes don’t hide from any longer.
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Every experience is new as this moment and the next are not known nor will they ever be.  The energy that can be flowed with when this comes to light is something unseen as it is always been ignored.  The mind doesn’t like you to be in the moment for in the moment you are protected from certain truths if you are not present. Never again! Never!

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