3 Signs to Know You're Spiritually Awakened

At some point in our lives, many of us experience some sort of realization of what is real. We may sometimes feel like we’re going batshit crazy—and that’s totally fine. We should embrace all the feelings that come along with a spiritual awakening. After all, you’ll just know that you’re going through one as you strengthen your intuition. Once you’re “awake”, don’t be surprised if you keep waking up more and more!

Here are three signs that you may be experiencing as you go through your spiritual awakening:

1. Shift in Belief Systems

You start to say “yes” to everything that is the truth, and all the lies you tell yourself are easily seen.  You don’t make this into a science, you make this into all the purpose that love has to offer.  Expansion of your knower is allowed to point to creation and see purpose in all things to include every experience in the present moment, not the sum of all things past or future, but rather beyond it.  


The first simple way to experience this is to see things as they are not in what you view based on time but beyond it. This means to see that what you have translated in thought is only allowing you to see with the mind, which is only a fragment of what you can truly see without the mind. The mind wants to say that “all things stay the same” so you never see the newness to all things in the present. It is almost as if it keeps a mental picture of what you see and not what has since become available to view because of this picture.

A picture is a capturing of time which is an illusion of something you will never repeat although to visit is quite seductive. It makes it easier to not be in the uncomfortable space of what it means to see things alive as they are. It also makes it possible for you to not see the truth of what is in this moment.  

2. You live in the now

The second is to see that when you go back into what your mind tells you, you can always transcend it because in spiritual truth you are always alive even when you are going from this moment to the next one. Your ability to be awake depends on your ability to see the things that can make you unconscious and how they are there as protection from something you no longer have. This is the ability to be in time which is always a non perception of reality—you are always of time. Not as it seems in what you watch when you watch a clock, for instance, but what you experience when you see love in motion. It has no destination—it is always now!  


3. More than your mind

Lastly, you are always more than just the thoughts you keep. You always have been and always will be and this is more apparent when you choose to allow the clock of your heart to beat in sync with you inside that you can even experience outside. You always are able to hear the universal silence within. It is what drives your love to be a soul having a human experience.  

This way of finding spirituality awakens when you finally embrace connection—not disconnection nor making a false statement that you ever were disconnected!


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