The complexities of the Twin Flame mind…..

The complexities of the twin flame mind….




The overwhelming experience in love in this existence has some very powerful truth to it… It can be that we say that this is wrong, that is wrong, this is right, that is right, and this is about time…….

Time is the one thing that the mind has always done a brilliant job of making possible to keep us from all things love… These conditions whether positive or negative have done such a brilliant job of making those that stop seeing from the eyes of a child, and make this about seeing from the eyes of an adult.

I need more knowledge…. Knowledge for what… To be an expert, to be a conductor, to be the brilliant mind with all the answers… How many answers don’t create more and more pain?

Isn’t this what history has shown us over and over that will be the cycle of repeating behavior that no longer serves us… The truth about the flame you have inside you that becomes vibrated awake in this moment has a very significant truth that says state what you feel.. share what you think, and leave the rest up to how to translate it and absorb it to create the learning of thought to stand deeply within ego and use what makes you suffer and use what makes it impossible to muddle through when it comes to being not able to see in the dark.

The light of the flame within you has a very powerful light to show you, not from the things you can read into, not from the things you can view, but from the truth that the light can show you inside yourself. Upon this light that flickers comes glimpses into the present moment, the present moment that is beautiful whether your ego is going to be attacked, be left to discern what is before you on the outside. The inside says a pattern of thinking that was created from the events you experienced outside you this is still an on going way to be in the world of form.

When does experience finally find a path to be removed and the truth revealed? A truth only in the present moment without thinking will provide. This truth is about what happens inside you as you read what is written here. We still feel the pain of struggling through what the truth wants to show us. Not because we have a belief system but because compassionately if you see and let yourself feel the energy of what is inside you. You can see the truth about the thinking or the dissecting of what you are in truth doing to yourself. As you can move your flame energy in any direction will you shine it for love… or for thinking which is truth is suffering!

When we birthed into this nature we saw the truth in everything… from the love we felt being in someones arms, to the love of what it was to see all of nature around us doing things that we saw were beautiful… Even in violence we didn’t see that something painful was occurring it was later the translation of what someone says or does and tells us to believe is what we keep to keep us from the truth.

The complex mind makes everything so advanced, so complex, so riveting, that we make this not about the light or the dark which both have a very deep truth with either polarity.

What you experience as a flame can be the deep sadness of this very thing. You see outside we seek answers.. We seek a path to follow, we seek someone who will guide us in the physical where the light that becomes somewhat lit and those that have stayed in the dark come out to say well your just not getting it. Who are those people and where is the compassion to listen to say I am listening I am holding and I will not stop listening, and I am listening with my whole being, that what you are experiencing has been to go inside, and torture yourself more, because we all are taught to interact in the world of form.. to not listen to what the formless needs to say will only be something I can’t understand…

When I went through hour after hour, and day after day, and month after month, of crying! I couldn’t hear the truth yet from the formless as it surrounded me and held me deep within to show me that all was going to be ok… I was going through the pain of not having…, Not having her arms around me, not having my arms around her… Hell, I didn’t know why I was even given arms… I kept wondering how could she move on from me… How was I to move on without her… I didn’t understand my own flame…

I made her responsible for my wholeness! Not seeing that this was the beautiful torture of my own mind saying I was not it for her….

How could I? In being activated in the mind to keep me from myself…. The error of thinking… What was it exactly?

Was it my own creation or the outside worlds creating of what I should believe…

What was I in my thoughts…

Was I just a broken man who made broken choices…

Or was something else trying to break through inside me.

I kept trying to fill an emptiness that was shown to me by the outside world. I didn’t cry because of the outside world… I cried because the inside world within me had not had a rain storm in 30 years…

I didn’t know what to believe…. religion, spirituality, or anything else…

What I was left with was a mind that was left to hit the reset button. Where in me was the reset button?

I know something in me was lost in the dark… but how did I know what the dark was within myself…

How did I know, that what I was thinking was that something I needed to go into. Was I doomed to be alone forever? Was I not worthy of her love or any love?

Was I not worthy of anyones love? Wait… who is asking the questions and who is supposed to answer?

We have spent so much time calling to something out there to come and give us answers… Could this be God? And why was God silent? What was the silence? Have I truly been thinking about this correctly?

Did I not truly go enough into the silence to learn it for myself? What is myself? Who did I think I was?

You see when I went inside to see what the darkness was… I needed to take a light… This light is who you are without thinking.. How else would we know dark?

How else would we understand where anything came from if we don’t investigate for ourselves the silence and into the silence in being. Yes! It is one thing to keep searching outside ourselves to find the answers… But the answers written inside you go without having someone to translate them for you, without the mind to dictate what is what in silence?

I just didn’t understand what happen to me, I felt that I was only going to lose myself, I had broken everything else, did I even investigate what I did break.. Did I even understand why I was shattered, and why I would quite often hear shattering in my waking moments and dreams…

After this happened more than enough times… The silence would come and then I was left with… why is there silence now? What was the shattering besides what I wanted to think was my soul?

My soul???? It then dawned on me… wait… The soul is what we call energy…

It isn’t made of glass so what was it that I heard shattering…. It was my own thought process!!

Some call this the awakening process, at least that is what I am going to state here for what we find all over seems to point to something we are all searching for answers for. I then started to see things more new… More vibrant.. Not over time… but without it!

I realized the energy of moving my hand, moving my legs, allowing my sight had nothing to do with true thinking. It was the will of the soul that stood there flowing in my existence without my true sense of being to say I am right here.

As I stayed this way the tears only got stronger… Then within the silence something happened. I realized that what I think was only going to be as powerful as what I didn’t think.

The truth in silence.

I started to understand what I wasn’t… I wasn’t a bad person, I wasn’t evil, I wasn’t good, I wasn’t a phenomenal man, I wasn’t something less than the greater space of what the silence wanted me to experience….

Peace… and as the peace became more powerful, the darkness seemed to be less and less of what I was seeking in the first place.

This of course was not the library of all things twin flames.. but the truth about the flame I was within myself that was now awake enough to experience the connection to myself more vibrantly.

Not with seeking what my mind inside told me to seek or what actions were going on outside me, but my own actions deep with me. I then, in this silence saw my own conditions on what I was to myself… Not smart enough, not much to look at, not quick enough, not loving enough… the not enough’s where great within me.. and now there were just conditions… not good or bad conditions, not right or wrong conditions, but conditions that no longer served me as a being in light of light!

What we set out to do here is not seek more answers to anything, but to seek more answers to nothing. For what you stay stuck in from a pattern in the outside world will give you just that… a pattern… a process… how deep is a process… well depends on the complex mind that is trying to steer you away from any truth you have within you. That truth is your silence and your connection to yourself that may be keeping you from any movement.

When I realized this… It was something for myself to see, to feel the truth about why she didn’t want to connect to me and moved on… I was stuck… I was stuck in seeking someone to fill the empty void I was the only one who could fill…. I was lost in outside world dominance and what it did to what I allowed to keep me from any truth in connection I could have within myself.

I was hurt… I was shattered… I was in charge of my own crucifying and then I realized what needed to be shattered was the thought process of what I was telling myself about myself inside based on the rules of what the outside world tried to tell me.

It wasn’t until this that the truth about the ability of love was truly given to me. This gift is in each of us… it is the light… not our thinking about it, but our soul that drives you to have any motion at all! It gives you the ability to hear what the silence wants you to hear within yourself…

This archive isn’t for those that are seeking someone outside to tell them what or who to be… not a youtube, not a group of others can tell you anything about who you are to yourself or to those you love. Only you can… You can see the truth in both positive and negative energy within yourself, outside of this isn’t a very productive way of thinking… it will give you the positive and negative existence in thinking into the outside world of form… There is no purpose to this other than keeping you in the process of seeking counsel to what pain you need to run from… Pain that you run from is nothing more than suffering… and not going into what the pain wants you to embrace in the silence which is where your truth of love will be there with you…. It is only comforting when you stop with I am.. and let I am show you the silence in truth. How beautiful a light this is, is only going to be something you can experience by finding this page…

We keep seeing move forward…. Forward… forward is the experience that says Inward… You are in there experiencing this existence… Not in your mind which translates words, but in your love in ability to move in physical. To not bite those that seek to bite you.. to not slander those that slander you.. to not challenge those that challenge you… Remember the most powerful destructive force in human is the ego…

the ego will do the thinkable!

It will seek ways to keep itself in power… It will seek ways to attack others.. It will attack even your own beliefs… This just isn’t love… no matter how you look at it.. It is a way to dominate you to keep you thinking which keeps you away from your own truth. It just isn’t the truth about what your embedded flame wants you to see! In this it is about what you can see inside yourself within the actions you can flow through with love within you. We love everyone, no matter the depth, no matter the suffering, no matter the attacks. This suffering has been there for millions of years.. with 9 billion or so on this planet.. What if we all did the one thing that changes everything. Look deep inside to bring your flame to it’s blue light to raise the level of awareness that you can have with just being!

Love deeply,

Sherry and Lee

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  1. Hello, I really love reading this article.

    I would only like to ask you what is the difference between twin flame and karmic partner?

    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

    • what is Karma to you? what Karma do you feel you have acquired since your childhood? and how are you connected to you in either connection twin or other?

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