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A Dangerous Mind……..

How in control you are over yourself or how deep you have traveled into yourself is a vital journey into the eternal place of peace that has it’s own dissolve of becoming in touch with the souls eternal place of being. Do you know how deep that place is.. energy by design.. energy is the current flow of wind in any given moment.. it gives you the ability to move.. not just yourself but innate objects.. other energies that exist are not something that we refer to as energy.. but let me use myself as an example.. offensive and defensive emotion.. this energy is much like the weather and depending upon the storm it can cause cloudiness, it can cause beautiful sunshine.. it can cause a snow storm.. it can cause a severe rainstorm and a tornado.. the effect of bad energy.. when you go through life in the spectrum of all the vibrations that it can bring.. some can teach you this very effect.. a child who is spanked is more likely to be violent when they get older when the same energy is before them.. a child that feels alone as a child will more than likely yearn for the loneliness to be gone when they get older yet unconsciously create scenarios that keep them alone unless they find this place within them and let it become a part of them…This experience came to me recently.. it was the strongest message of how strong this energy can be.. I happened to be in a mode that was very self destructive in nature.. and the best part is that the soul made the human space in me become unconscious…  I was laid out to not even remember the results of the outcome that could have taken another’s life.. could have resulted in hurting myself or others… it is that severe.. Memory loss occurred and it was the soul’s way of removing negative energy that I had thought took death.. the soul embraces everything it always will… never in my life have I ever experienced memory loss from recent events.. well this is not the case.. it is gone from me.. but the true deepness of this lesson needed to be learned.. I felt released as I focused myself inward and then felt it was just an episode..

When the earth quakes and it is severe.. aftershocks occur.. well this is the same very thing.. the outward cries of this episode should have been removed and all should have been a loss of memory that was supposed to stay gone.. but as I started with aftershocks… weeks later after this same event.. susceptible to those vibrations.. a repeated event that can only be referred to as aftershocks took place.. It was hearing the sound of my voice in a heightened state that occurred during the memory loss of that night I can’t remember as it was that energy that was disruptive and self destructive in nature.. it caused another significant memory loss.. and the outcome could have altered not just the outcome.. but the lives effected were altered again.. this time a deep lesson learned… The only way to really explain in simple terms is this… in a calm lake.. no movement in the water…. if a rock is dropped in the water the effects cause the disturbance in the lake.. and rings of waves from the energy of the rock keep going outward till they are gone to the edge of the lake.. mind you the effects of the land that are on the outskirts are much like others who could be near where the waves continue… even then it keeps the same thing coming in tiny forms… This is much what I am explaining.. but let me go even further to say the rock which is dropped now at the bottom of this lake is now a part of the lake.. it doesn’t change the lakes true essence.. it does become a part of it.  It gives the lake a more beautiful essence cause the lake on the bottom felt the same waves in different forms from what would show on the surface.. It created space and absorbed it and it did so in layers.. that is how it is.. it can’t be changed and can’t be fought.. it should be accepted and learned and made a part of.. any resistance in what this has done would be maddening.. as those waves would never end..

The hearing of that same voice can be made a part of and now because of learning something so deep and profound it created layers of universes inside me to love at each level deeper than the next.. I don’t know that this could be understood to anyone who could read this and not learn something different from it.. it may make some completely confused as the waves in their own lake inside are still feeling the waves with in them continue to stir and be unsettled because they have not started their journey to their core.. the core is the light of energy within that generates the human form we all get to experience..

“Live your life as an Exclamation, not an Explanation.”

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