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A mothers love…. Don't mistake how impactful it is! (Martha Kent 121349-110808)

There is pain we all go through in life… some is for the purpose to heal! Other parts cause us more pain. And we wonder how we ever got to that place. I will tell you the most important thing to do in this existence is to love like you have no tomorrow.. and do your best to not hurt anyone for any reason. That pain is the hardest to let go of… especially if you realize you are responsible to admit your mistakes and surrender to them. Time is all you have when it comes down to healing.. it is the only way to find your spirit.. the only way to begin the healing of love. You don’t have to be a victim and if you feel you are.. totally surrender to that feeling. It is the way to the heart that let’s the mind calm… the soul to begin and take over all that is within you. I suppose to fly in the clouds we must first find away to take those running steps before the cliff that leads to the skies. We run from that which we know will be letting go and having faith… I wish to fly again in my dreams… been along time…

I guess you can say my mother grounded me… but she said I would need to stay grounded awhile longer.. The grief I felt the last couple of days of her passing was great and still it lingered for months thereafter.. yet now it lingers for the touch she gave to all the lives she was within.. to include my own.. she is my hero.. and I know where she is.. she is continuing that legacy and also watching over us to know the choices we make.. the things we do.. the things we need to heal from and the part of ourselves we no longer are going to hide in the dark from.

I feel at peace… I feel content.. and I feel her presence in the place I needed it most my heart. I am missing you mom! I am missing you everyday! I know you speak to me, and I hear you words of what it is I must do.. and what I must find within myself. For that I am eternally within your love. I even realize I can stand on my own two feet taking flight when I allow my energy to remember all the love you gave me. I realize I can be the man who you said I can be and beyond.

Don’t divide yourself between who, what, when and where… rather divide yourself from what is pain and love… chose a side! I have… it is the only thing I have never tried! until now!

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  1. Yes a big family… 3 son’s, I adopted one and one is my own, and she has a 4 year old, 3 girls youngest girl is 12, they are all older three 20 year olds, a 19 year old, I raise my sisters son Edward, and we have her niece living with us as well Alyssa, most of the kids are out of the house now except the nephew, neice, one daughter Kia and the 4 year old boy Kameron… Yet we don’t have a combined me and her yet.. I have seen her in my dreams as has she.. (Her name is Kaylee Martha Clark Kent) All the kids have K names… LOL Kameron, Kelsey, Kayce, Kia, Christian is my oldest boy, Lee is my adopted son, the others are always here. My sister has kids I look after as well from time to time.. Makes moments incredible!

    • For some reason, not all your notificaitons come through and I missed this!

      Ok, re-writing my entire image of you as a 20-something emo boy. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Interesting. The thought of you as a family head and sharing love and wisdom is heart-warming, yet it does screw with the guru vibe. I truly believe that you have been to a place seldom traveled and you have come back with markings of that alternate space where you are not a person; none of us are. Interesting to hear the details of life come through.

      Kaylee. I wonder if there is a benefit, other than being born into a happy union, that comes with creating a child from well-aligned soulmates.

      • When we dream of her.. we see an energy between us that is brighter than the energy of light that we combine…I can hear her laugh and giggle and smother us with a love like no other… I am not sure of her birth yet.. I thank you for your kind words.. Yet I am not at a place where age is a thought process.. I am only as I am.. Yet I don’t feel like a guru.. I feel as I feel.. I have much love to give.. It cannot be contained! As do you it would seem! I am going to post my very first blog and from time to time it will show the bread crums of how I came to this place. I still give it no value as it is not now.. it is only an awakening!

  2. A mother’s love is permeating within our deepest core to be experienced repeatedly in all things (sunrise, partner, child). Its rebirth is constant and cyclical. Our physical bodies may expire, but our spirit remains. She is in all things within you and your children.
    We all give birth to many things at many points in our lives. As you have eloquently stated in many posts: love is an evolution of self that emerges from loss. We neglect to see that. Thankfully, we have you to bring us to this higher plane, dear friend!

    • I have carried her heart within me that is why I am surrounded by children and seem to be the go to in many things that seem to keep me well busy.. Yet I can only embrace them as she did, It partial I am her rebirth of how I am as I carry her within me. Ty my friend.. That so made me know I am on that path that touches her even deeply after her going from the physical. I carry her with me always. I was flying last night and she was with me.. She was speaking to me about what I could create, and showed me as much inside of the dream! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • So glad that I can affirm something you knew implicitly ๐Ÿ™‚ She is smiling upon all that she created within you and what you create as you for the world. She is reminding you of all that you are, the limitless version of you. You have all that you need & beyond. As we celebrate the awe of Martha, we see that her ultimate intent came to fruition. She knew you found pure unconditional love that would foster the best living to come from you and vice versa that would be shared with the world. Thank you Martha for bringing the gift of a different consciousness into the world! Thank you Clark & Lois for heightening our awareness of unconditional love and disseminating it!

        • The energy that I felt reading that gave me tears of happiness… Not sure of your intent but you were successful in bringing that with a huge smile from us both! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Oh dear friend, I am happy to elicit in you as you elicit in me. I am merely responding to what I feel as I read with purity of mind and soul. Didn’t mean to draw anything that wasn’t meant to be drawn out. Only with the purest of intentions I convey thoughts! You are a very powerful person! I am in awe of you!

          • I surrendered to power long ago… I can only embrace what is needed to do more fully in this moment and more to come.. It is what we both are here to do! It was wonderful what you said.. I would almost tell you it felt as it my mother spoke through you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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