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Twin Flames and the Storyteller



When my twin flame and I came into connection several years ago, I didn’t expect that our connection would help me see the connection to myself. This is the most overlooked part of the connection because most of everything you experience in existence in the laws of human condition say to seek outside information. This is our story and we are sticking to it.

Outside Answers for Inner Questions?

When we are searching for answers, we tend to seek outside of us even if those answers don’t make any sense to us on the inside. The connection is on the inside, so seeking outside will only lead to outside answers of what this connection is about. How can this be, if what you endured throughout your existence doesn’t match what you experienced in your life? It’s like the person’s information you are gathering is trying to attach itself to your story and what the storyteller is dictating from the content that will match. This connection is there to show you how you are connected to yourself. The storyteller, which is the emotion that comes from the mind’s interpretation of feeling or experiencing things that will happen or could happen will take you far, far away. Never-never land sounds just about right because it’s never going to be as anyone states unless they are sharing a pain that only ignites your own.


We are Born from Pain

How can pain be defined? Pain isn’t something that just happens. Pain actually originates within ourselves, which you experienced the moment you came from a womb into the earth’s air for the first time and you survived that said pain which was birth in truth. Birth into human consciousness which in those first moments, everyone embraced you while you were in that pain, which was permission for you to embrace yourself as you were birthing. However, as you continue to live and write life’s story, any experience you associate with pain becomes the storyteller’s content. Your mind told you to dissect these things that happened to you as a survival not to experience pain again which is called hurting or labor pains. Labor pains are then spread out through your lifetime experiencing escape from said pain while the mind makes use of this. Your mind creates identities that can be exposed when you come across a connection that points you back inside yourself and how you connect to yourself.


Expose the Storyteller Within You

Yes, it only makes sense that we want someone to be responsible for our pain. After all, when we were born, didn’t everyone hold us when we were in pain and now they all seem to be either inflicting it on each other or finding a way to avoid it altogether? The storyteller will create half truths of acceptance of abandonment and rejection as a way to keep you in a state of never exposing the truth about connection. Yes, the storyteller and your own story are permission in the universe to get what you do to yourself directly when this connection comes to you. The only true change can occur when the storyteller is exposed and then union with yourself can occur. The relationship you have to yourself is revealed out of the story in the self when the storyteller is exposed.


Already Gone Deep? Go Deeper

Go deep inside, dear souls. The storyteller has no truth that makes you disconnected in this connection, it only points to a place where you are disconnected within yourself. For example, when you tell yourself or put out the energy “I don’t love myself” or “I don’t like myself very much”. When your twin shows up, this will finally be what shows up when your thoughts experience a slip and judgment is exposed of what you have always done to yourself. This will grant permission for the storyteller to convince you that this connection will give you what you think is coming.

Trust Your Intuition

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, this is what this connection feels like yet it is a manifestation of your thinking which is always seeking outside information for inside in order to “keep you protected”. Keep you protected from what exactly? Yes, this is where you must discover the storyteller and your story and what it has brought you from what you tell yourself on the inside. Not because you found outside information that says this connection will bring you salvation from outside you, but the true salvation at your source within which you’ll experience only your own love within yourself that you can share. No more guessing or believing your lies which the storyteller counts on. This is both seductive and destructive at the same time.

Learn to love your storyteller and your story. Not because the outside world demands it but rather, the inside universe has space for it. Love deeply!



Vulnerability and Twin Flames: Expressing Your Truth



Being strong or being guarded? This is not vulnerability, yet it is pointing to how you should show up when you choose not to state the truth about what the truth actually is. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means: do you say what you mean or do you mean what you say? If I have to show “I don’t care, this is being strong”, is that what you mean to expose to the other who you care about? What is it that says they will not accept me fully if they truly know how I feel?


Your twin knows when you’re lying. Deep inside, so do you.

Vulnerability is the absence of judgment. It’s very much like love, when it is really love. You won’t tell yourself: “They won’t accept me for what I think or feel.” When you’re truly being vulnerable, you’re not pointing outward and stating that someone will do something to you and make you feel rejected or abandoned. Your twin—and you—can always see the lie when you’re not being vulnerable. “I think that you feel… I think that you think… I think you will or won’t…” These are all lies. None of these statements are speaking from within yourself.


How should I express myself?

If you change the way the words come out of your mouth when these thoughts show up, you can always find a way to be vulnerable to them. For example, “I interpret when I feel in thought that says I am not worthy enough.” This points to you inside yourself instead of making the other responsible for what you experience, whether it be rejection, abandonment or anything else. If I can interpret your actions into thought, I will be the mind reader I knew I always could be.

Vulnerability has the permission to expose the thought process that interprets everything inside you. It is the love that can be placed inside of ego!


The storyteller is more powerful than you think

“My twin flame doesn’t want to be with me because…” or “my twin has chosen someone else because…”. What doesn’t matter after this statement is the emotions or thoughts the storyteller has in place due to interpretation of another’s actions based on what the mind wants to say is why this happens. When we get caught up in our thoughts, sometimes we create story statements that make us the victim of what someone does to us not seeing we do it to ourselves. Exposing these thoughts is what can change who you are and why you are.


You can create truths which are actually lies.

“I think that you feel I am…” See how this statement makes no sense in truth? How about “I feel that you think…” These are not vulnerable statements but rather ego-driven thought processes that are speculation, which you turn into a truth, and which is always going to be a lie. When you experience rejection, remember that you learned rejection when you entered this planet whether it happened within the first few years of existence here or watching something happen to you and now had to interpret it. This is what points to the creation of why we can’t be vulnerable. This is never going to be true with the exception that we are stuck in time where time no longer exists.

We never repeat time, only our thoughts repeat themselves. Exposing this thinking is being vulnerable.


Are you a Twin Flame? Keeping it Simple Actually Works!


Two energies of the same energy, aware of itself. On the inside, you’ll experience something that no one else can express, tell you about, or even see because it opens a portal when you first encounter it and it goes straight to the inner knowing. This inner knowing is rendering your ego and its need to protect, defend or hide you as the inner child, and you are free. This can be for moments that seem free of time until your thinking of time returns. Thinking—yes, that’s right—is the primary issue of why we second guess or run or anything else that keeps this connection in the state of what seems to be disconnection.  




Do you feel the “knower” inside of you?

Your knowing or knower becomes aware of itself. It’s as though things in your existence make more sense. The individual experience of this is that you are feeling things more in effect of what they are rather than thinking them up. This is where we need to place the clause simple.

Are you trying to Google what’s inside of you?

To be simple means that you no longer associate outside information for an inside connection. Some of you will read this and maybe scratch your head, well to be in the truth means to not say “I can get outside information for something I feel inside of myself”.



Embrace the truth.

You then must become more simple. To see that how you translate what you feel into thinking, this is where the work must be done. You can always catch this in simple ways with statements that may arise in ego that say, I feel that you, or I think that you think… these are happening inside you to see how you have translated things from things that have happened to you and have not found the place to insert forgiveness or embrace truth as it is inside the mind.  Not from the external interactions that come into what this connection grants you but from what your exact opposite does back to you because of these triggers you THINK are now exposed.

Reconnect with yourself, not your thoughts.

Exposed thinking is the interpreter of other people’s actions that have gone untranslated in you and you had to make up stories to understand or get through what happened. This connection at its core is about the love inside you that is unconditional to its core, it is about salvation and freedom to love without broken truth and broken trust. This connection is here to bring you back to the source of yourself. You are the flame that lights in twin flame! But don’t be misled, the light can’t exist without the dark, it is the truth. Just the definition of light and dark are not how we see them in human. It has everything to do with how you look up in the sky and see the sun and see that it is the center of what radiates heat in our universe and gives light. The dark around it is there on purpose to show its nature to nurture us. So be in love with what you don’t know as much as what you do. What you bring into the light, love it without abandon, that is what the choice is in this connection.

Why complicate? Keep things simple!

If you stay simple, see the choice to love yourself deeper than you ever have, for this is how you will love your twin. If you push yourself away, don’t worry, your twin will show you exactly what that feels like outside you! The rejection is a thought process that manifests by being a thought. What thoughts are you currently keeping that are preventing to change your thinking in order to manifest union? This is who you must see yourself to see what can be manifested with the right amount of leverage at the right moment. Stay deep and love deeply, dear souls!


3 Signs to Know You're Spiritually Awakened


At some point in our lives, many of us experience some sort of realization of what is real. We may sometimes feel like we’re going batshit crazy—and that’s totally fine. We should embrace all the feelings that come along with a spiritual awakening. After all, you’ll just know that you’re going through one as you strengthen your intuition. Once you’re “awake”, don’t be surprised if you keep waking up more and more!

Here are three signs that you may be experiencing as you go through your spiritual awakening:

1. Shift in Belief Systems

You start to say “yes” to everything that is the truth, and all the lies you tell yourself are easily seen.  You don’t make this into a science, you make this into all the purpose that love has to offer.  Expansion of your knower is allowed to point to creation and see purpose in all things to include every experience in the present moment, not the sum of all things past or future, but rather beyond it.  


The first simple way to experience this is to see things as they are not in what you view based on time but beyond it. This means to see that what you have translated in thought is only allowing you to see with the mind, which is only a fragment of what you can truly see without the mind. The mind wants to say that “all things stay the same” so you never see the newness to all things in the present. It is almost as if it keeps a mental picture of what you see and not what has since become available to view because of this picture.

A picture is a capturing of time which is an illusion of something you will never repeat although to visit is quite seductive. It makes it easier to not be in the uncomfortable space of what it means to see things alive as they are. It also makes it possible for you to not see the truth of what is in this moment.  

2. You live in the now

The second is to see that when you go back into what your mind tells you, you can always transcend it because in spiritual truth you are always alive even when you are going from this moment to the next one. Your ability to be awake depends on your ability to see the things that can make you unconscious and how they are there as protection from something you no longer have. This is the ability to be in time which is always a non perception of reality—you are always of time. Not as it seems in what you watch when you watch a clock, for instance, but what you experience when you see love in motion. It has no destination—it is always now!  


3. More than your mind

Lastly, you are always more than just the thoughts you keep. You always have been and always will be and this is more apparent when you choose to allow the clock of your heart to beat in sync with you inside that you can even experience outside. You always are able to hear the universal silence within. It is what drives your love to be a soul having a human experience.  

This way of finding spirituality awakens when you finally embrace connection—not disconnection nor making a false statement that you ever were disconnected!


How to Understand the Twin Flame Runner Perspective


When I was 7 years old, I experienced an absent father in my existence, he was traveling more and was no longer there day to day, soon month to month, then eventually year after year. This was something that, as a male, I would repeat when things seemed difficult. Yet this was my father, my blood was his, and his way of loving me unconditionally was felt in this way! It is as it is… it’s runner energy!




This could easily be sparked by any form of rejection. For example, watching the pains my mother went through and not being able to help her through any of it because I was wounded myself. You see, learning how to run from what you love is actually an act of love. As a 7, 8, or 9 year old, I thought that it was love to lose your father at an early age. This has nothing to do with your Twin but everything to do with finding your twin and running. If you have experienced rejection or abandonment at an early age, especially from those that love you unconditionally, this will be what you will experience in this connection that needs to heal from inside yourself. You had to create a message inside that said something to you in order for you to understand why unconditional love is that way in who is connected to you.


Something is wrong with you… but nothing is wrong with you in truth. Just your thoughts about it are skewed. It will happen to you or you may not even see it intentionally. You will expect them to leave thus keeping a thought process inside that will create the permission for them to feel you disconnect from yourself as you did to get through what happened to you! “Everyone leaves me” says the voice in the head. In this connection, this can be so great and your love is so pure that the voice in the head is more audible and more on purpose with protecting you or so it seems. You are not actually protected, you will be disillusioned with the other’s behavior and even become protective of the energy they show you as it is not something you told yourself you deserve. You will claim to love them more than anyone ever and then say “I don’t love myself”. This can never be, since the runner has a voice in their head saying that if their needs are not met, it will create a path to allow the other polarity a way out or find a path to allow the self to get out!




What can change this is your absence and your exposure of all thought processes. Connection always creates love—it never creates disconnection or hate. This connection is communion and communion is communication in motion. If this is not what you see inside this connection, it is inside your head which is telling you that to be vulnerable is to be weak! Is there any truth to you that vulnerability is weakness? Find the thoughts that are false and expose them with your connection without making them responsible for them but finally seeing that the responsibility to forgive this within is something that has been your companion before the connection. It is only being brought up to the surface because you can change this and because it wants you to stand in the truth.


Remember: Being conscious of one’s behavior is being conscious of your own behavior. If you are triggered by something outside you, this gives you the ability to go unconscious which does neither one in this connection any good until one comes back to consciousness will this truly be seen in what the mind will create based on running which is rejection and abandonment of the self first. Be conscious when compassionate listening is what is needed. Being in the blame is not the same as listening with love to what is truly being done.

Love deeply,

Lois and Clark

Sherry and Lee