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Our Journey to Self Celebration

Truth. Awakening. Acceptance

Our Journey

In the absence of thought, all answers are revealed.

We are Lee and Sherry Patterson here to serve as a guide in your journey to self connection. Relationship Reinvented was birthed into the world in 2011. After both of us experienced a great deal of pain, heartache and eventually a reunion into ourselves.

Though, we weren’t in union when this community of awakening was established, there was always a vision of us coming together to provide an outlet for creating a space for people to freely connect with their inner-self. It is our life’s dream that individuals like yourself, experience a deep level of healing that releases you from the limitations of your mind and open you up to the flow of unconditional love and self freedom.

Our Mission

To guide you back into the relationship you have to yourself.

We believe that life is not about the stories we’ve created to limit ourselves but rather the journey that we can create when we believe in the future that awaits us. Our past and our stories about the past were only there to move us to the next scene of our unrealized life and somehow, some of us used it as a way to keep ourselves in suffering.

Each of us has a unique journey and a specific purpose that sometimes can be elusive because of the blocks we put up against them. Our passion and our practice is to show you how you can remove these blocks, open up to connection and take you life back!! We changed our minds and our lives followed….and we are devoted to helping you do the same!

Our Soul Team

Relationship Reinvented expanded in 2018 to include a specialized soul team. Our soul team is the Board of Directors of our company. Each of them are both Instructors Master Coaches who’ve acquired in-depth training from us, while bringing their own unique set of skills to the matchless makeup of our family, business and community.

Michelle Paporto

The Healer

Heather Baker

The Believer

Cassie Blair

The Nurturer

Gina Ortiz

The Phoenix

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