Almost 11 thousand views and only a little over 6 months…

I recently stumbled upon a really amazing set of individuals who seemed to be spiritually infected.  One of the most prominent findings from this was the true statement that follows….


Thinking Happens to you.. You don’t happen to thinking!


The more I stare at this statement I saw no argument in it, I saw only presence. I saw the gift of the open door in which the soul stood and said.. Simply… Yeessss!


Almost in a whisper did the truth pull me deeper into awakening. Something miraculous ensued. I felt my being as though my soul for all the moment I felt it emerge to say ahh.. fresh air.. fresh earth, wonderful water and magnificent fire.  Yes the elements of vibrational energy captivated me as it would an audience.  I suppose to some that is a very strange analogy but for me, it was and is absolutely breathtaking.


You see placing even these thoughts here now, seem almost artificial in what I am saying.  You experience this when you give up the mind for a glimpse of wholeness that you are.  It matters not what you may be going through, what may be reaching out to you or you reaching out for in this moment.  Just the state of being and how you are perfectly pictured within it.


The mind almost seems paralyzed to even give me a word to describe it, which is how profound and beautiful it is simultaneously.  Are we sure we have this existence correct.  For if we all are driving in the vehicle in human and I am the passenger saying I think we are taking a long way, I know a faster way come with me.


Wow I am honored and thank you from the depthslight-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel[1]..


I am going to no longer see from those eyes.. I feel that they will not be with me anytime soon.  Just when you didn’t feel you can go deeper.. you feel the floor lift beneath you and then you ascend to take flight to go even deeper.  I suppose this must be space travel in this dimension.


Love deeply friends… and if I haven’t told you how very happy I am that you stumbled onto this page.. Know that the love that it brings is beyond.. Your love is beyond to me, I hope you hear that every moment in your existence here, for it is true!



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  1. Congratulations and I hope and know the future brings great love into your thoughts and in turn your reality! Stumbled upon is not really the reality perhaps divinely directed or guided would be more of a true statement! Thank you my friend for finding wordpress and sharing with us all! 🙂 ♥ joe

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