Are you a Twin Flame? Keeping it Simple Actually Works!

Two energies of the same energy, aware of itself. On the inside, you’ll experience something that no one else can express, tell you about, or even see because it opens a portal when you first encounter it and it goes straight to the inner knowing. This inner knowing is rendering your ego and its need to protect, defend or hide you as the inner child, and you are free. This can be for moments that seem free of time until your thinking of time returns. Thinking—yes, that’s right—is the primary issue of why we second guess or run or anything else that keeps this connection in the state of what seems to be disconnection.  




Do you feel the “knower” inside of you?

Your knowing or knower becomes aware of itself. It’s as though things in your existence make more sense. The individual experience of this is that you are feeling things more in effect of what they are rather than thinking them up. This is where we need to place the clause simple.

Are you trying to Google what’s inside of you?

To be simple means that you no longer associate outside information for an inside connection. Some of you will read this and maybe scratch your head, well to be in the truth means to not say “I can get outside information for something I feel inside of myself”.



Embrace the truth.

You then must become more simple. To see that how you translate what you feel into thinking, this is where the work must be done. You can always catch this in simple ways with statements that may arise in ego that say, I feel that you, or I think that you think… these are happening inside you to see how you have translated things from things that have happened to you and have not found the place to insert forgiveness or embrace truth as it is inside the mind.  Not from the external interactions that come into what this connection grants you but from what your exact opposite does back to you because of these triggers you THINK are now exposed.

Reconnect with yourself, not your thoughts.

Exposed thinking is the interpreter of other people’s actions that have gone untranslated in you and you had to make up stories to understand or get through what happened. This connection at its core is about the love inside you that is unconditional to its core, it is about salvation and freedom to love without broken truth and broken trust. This connection is here to bring you back to the source of yourself. You are the flame that lights in twin flame! But don’t be misled, the light can’t exist without the dark, it is the truth. Just the definition of light and dark are not how we see them in human. It has everything to do with how you look up in the sky and see the sun and see that it is the center of what radiates heat in our universe and gives light. The dark around it is there on purpose to show its nature to nurture us. So be in love with what you don’t know as much as what you do. What you bring into the light, love it without abandon, that is what the choice is in this connection.

Why complicate? Keep things simple!

If you stay simple, see the choice to love yourself deeper than you ever have, for this is how you will love your twin. If you push yourself away, don’t worry, your twin will show you exactly what that feels like outside you! The rejection is a thought process that manifests by being a thought. What thoughts are you currently keeping that are preventing to change your thinking in order to manifest union? This is who you must see yourself to see what can be manifested with the right amount of leverage at the right moment. Stay deep and love deeply, dear souls!


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