As the tears fell from your pillow…

As the tears fell one after the other onto your pillow, you watched the
curtains rise and fall with the gusts of wind coming through the open
window.  you watched me in your mind’s eye, as I stood next to the
window, and then I turned to you, the breeze made its sorrowful wail,
and it carried the dust out the open window and off into the sky, where
you knew I would stay until you called to me again through the depths of how we always will feel about each other,
a love song, a movie, or your dreams.  you knew I would return again to
be substantive and whole, So you cried harder now, not because I was only in your dreams, but
because you knew there were no knight or deep soul who could ever retain
substance in your waking hours and yet be there in your dreams as well.

“Dust, only dust,” you say softly to yourself as you rose from the bed,
grabbing your robe, and heading toward the bathroom to get yourself ready
to face another day.  you tried hard to forget the knight, the dreammaster, the other full soul,
in the only way you knew how, by polishing your own strong armor that
surrounded you tightly and protectively.  your mind, heart, and soul
embraced the armor in its comfort, but it was heavy, and so you longed
for One who could relieve you of its burden.  you sighed and even
though you tried with all you might not to, a teeny shred of hope
sustained itself outside the armor, ever watchful and ever viligent.

you smiled as you thoughts wandered to the dream, your hand stopped in
mid air as your wipped away the tears… your mind lost in the fairy tale, the
dream. This dream of that which was once taken from you inside your heart those centuries ago it was

me in your heart that you screamed to it was me that I dreamed of to find you…

It was almost to real for me to feel you when it came to me… I woke crying feeling your lonliness your sadness and felt you wherever you are trying to find me

I am here… the crying didn’t stop it stayed with me through the early morning hours and continued again on the way home from work as I drove…I teared deeply and whispered….  I need you….

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