Awake or Dreaming….

Do you realize your heartbeat changes based on the life you live… It can beat in pain in such a frequency that it can cause other parts of you to become terminally ill.. Or even still the cure for all the illnesses in the world come from this very thing and all of it centers around the amount of love you can express within a freedom of being able to let go and just love that deeply… There is something more.. You can be invincible by this very love.. You can see beyond forever in the human form we have taken.. We do transpose to an energy.. And energy that reproduces in some way and you get to repeat this… But not without understanding you have another chance to get it right… At some point an anomaly happens… You can be reborn to the edge of the growth you finally achieved before only to have your life taken to start again… Something about this not only makes sense… It opens your heart to a new place to continue. I can see it… I can feel it.. It is not something that was supposed to happen.. We have had choice all along.. We chose to walk this path unconscious… Unavailable to the magic and the energy that we are… Life is about this same energy that I speak of.. It doesn’t have an end.. Not really… Not now… Imagine making love in a place that has no limits.. That has no sense of touch, sound, seeing, evolution… Something else is there… Is that even a thought in you… How does that thought make you feel??? Yes… Exactly your thoughts can’t make you feel anything.. What are you asking it for… Yes that very thing in you is exactly what I am speaking of.. That place the one that never has been touched or has had a glimpse of being touched but you didn’t let yourself go to hear it… It is there that I speak of.. And then there is a place beyond it… Wake up… Wake up….. Your dream can begin once you do!

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