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Intimate classes, personal attention and practical experience. Providing you with the opportunity to help you find your place in your own coaching practice!

Flexible Schedule

Your own coaching business will allow you to create your own schedule. You are able to spend more time with your family and friends or you can work as much as you want!

Results & Exposure

Our Master Coaches will be featured on our website with their contact information. We also provide a client referral system. Coaches will also have the opportunity to speak at seminars, workshops and conventions.

Are you here to answer the call?

The call to consciousness, of course!

Our certification program is designed for individuals who are answering the call to bring themselves and others to a higher level of consciousness. If you are interested in transforming your life and the lives of others from the inside out, while remaining committed to doing the work, then this program is designed for you!

During, this progressive journey we will provide a space that allows and encourages you to be completely honest with yourself. Our program fosters a soulset that embraces loving connections, a depth of infinite respect, and genuine compassion for other’s.

Who Are You?

What is the Relationship You Have To Yourself?

Who Am I? What is the relationship I have to myself? These are the questions that most never ask or ask but never find the answers to. These are the deepest and most important questions we will ever discover the answers to.

We go through our whole life searching for connection, but don't we already have it? Are we looking outward when we should be looking inward?

This certification is a life changing journey of learning to navigate the depths of your clients, hearts, minds and souls. Experience the methodology for connecting client's to the root of their pain and offer them the keys to unlock the doors of their disconnection.

Discover Truth

Understand and develop techniques to aid your clients in uncovering the truths that they've hidden from themselves.

Understand What Can't Be Seen

Things are not always as they seem. Learn to have a perspective that its outside the frame of that which is easily seen. Obtain the ability to help your clients see the world as it is rather than how they are currently viewing it.

Learn Mindmapping

One of the most unique aspects of this course is mind mapping. Mind mapping allows you to see and define the outline of the thoughts of your clients and their patterns in away that explains how they've reached their current state. More importantly, this provides you with the ability to provide them with the map as a way unravel the thoughts that have shaped behaviors that don't serve them.

Transform the World

Our program provides you with the all the tools and educational material necessary to coach clients from inception all the way through to the launch of your business. Our intention is to provide you with the means to transform the lives of others one session at a time!

Our Process & Program

Reinvent the Relationship You have to Yourself!

The Process

Our certification program is approximately 8 months in length, this includes a total of 32 sessions. Our program is broken out, into 8 levels.


The first 2 levels, approximately 8 sessions, will include intense one on one sessions, with you and your coach. During these modules you will go through our Root Camp coaching. Root Camp is a powerful emotional healing practice that aids you in healing your life from the inside out. Coaching sessions will be nurtured online live and your coach can record your session for your own private use, if you agree.

Certification Curriculum

The remaining 6 levels will be focused specifically on the coaching curriculum and will be completed in a group setting. Sessions will be held weekly with a minimum of one of our Instructors. Sessions will be facilitated online live. All sessions will be recorded and shared with the group.

The Program

Level 1 Root Camp: (Self-Connection)Dive deep into yourself and understand the truth you believe you have and then be guided to learn about the truth that truly exists inside of you.

Level 2 Root Camp: (Self-Connection) Identify and transform the thought patterns that have kept you in a state of suffering and kept you disconnected from yourself.

Level 3: Fundamentals, Core Values, Ethics & Confidentiality.

Level 4: Abandonment, Pain/Suffering, Trust, Fear/Sacrifice.

Level 5: Connection, Love, Relationships, Ego, Communication, Effective Listening

Level 6: Development, Finding the Root, Exploring the Root, Compassion, Judgement.

Level 7:Marketing, Sales, Compensation, Scheduling, Building your tribe.

Level 8: Mentor & Practice Coaching, RR Brand, Webinars, Workshops, Legalities.

Enroll Now!

I am ready to answer the call to consciousness!! I am committed to learning to heal myself and others!!

Full Payment


One-Time Payment

Complete Certification Program

Root Camp

4 Months of Mentoring Following Program Completion


Monthly Payment


Please note, this is a payment option and as a result will include a 10% fee.

Per Month for 6 Months

Complete Certification Program

Root Camp

4 Months of Mentoring Following Program Completion



All information exchanged between any client and coach at Relationship Reinvented is held in the strictest of confidentiality. Confidentiality is high “A” priority for us! The terms of this agreement are applicable towards the duration of any and all paid sessions, and services may be terminated by either the client or Relationship Reinvented at any time. Services paid for but not rendered are refundable excluding “Root Camp”, Coach Training, Coach Certification, 6-month Healing

program, 12-month Healing Program. Deep Healing Series, Twin Flame Coaching and seminars, workshops or Retreats.Seminars, workshops, or retreats canceled by us or postponed will be refunded or tickets transferred.

All materials used by Relationship Reinvented LLC in “Root Camp“, Healing Series, coaching sessions, and Coach Certification are copyright protected and are not to be used without written permission.Regular sessions and “Root Camp” sessions are 45 minutes.By making a payment, you agree to the terms and conditions above.

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